Ending the Radio Silence… Time for a Beta yet?

Yup, we’ve been pretty silent during the last couple of weeks. Amazing what happens when everyone is off working. But, oh look, today’s February 1. Well, that means we’re closer to unveiling Empire Avenue. This is going to be a short, short blog post. Our plan is to open up the site with a very special Friends and Family Beta sometime this month. Woah, a beta? Yep. You heard it right here, and the day we open up that beta, we’re going to reveal all there is to know about us… well, almost. Gotta keep some secrets 😉

So have a good look at that Team page and see if you know someone there. If you do, you should probably let one of them know through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, smoke signals, cookie bribes, cupcake kidnappings or other, more nefarious methods (see below). Now, note the “Friends and Family” part of that Beta title. You might need to toss in a few more cookies and cupcakes and give us a reason for why you would want to be part of a pre-release beta. Naturally, the better the reason, the more likely you will be adopted into our Friends or Family!

Get in touch with us to get your name on our lists, and we’ll send you an invite when we announce the opening of the beta. This will be a closed beta, and to get in you’ll need to get an invite from us. Umm, oh yes, admittedly we won’t open for at least a couple weeks, but don’t wait forever to get around to it; you could say that the sooner you sign up, the “beta” (oh, the puns will kill me). We’ll even give you an email address that you can use to email us… how about beta@empireavenue.com



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