Making the Markets: An Empire Avenue Update

As most people have probably realized, Empire Avenue made changes to the Market Makers this past weekend. We’ve described what we wanted to do with these Market Makers in a previous blog post, and this is an update.

Our Market Makers are complex mathematical functions and changing them cannot be taken lightly, as we found out. Despite the pain of implementing changes to the Market Makers, the good news is that these recent changes allow us to measure our users’ interactions with their audience much more reliably. They also enable us to continue expanding Empire Avenue to include the many services you have requested, such as LinkedIn, LastFM, MySpace or Facebook Fan Pages! We expect to provide the ability to add these feeds in the coming months.

Now, the roll-out wasn’t flawless; several hundred people were affected by several bugs, which we are now confident have been corrected. We appreciate all the feedback and understanding that our beta testers provided while we worked on resolving these issues!

Dublin and Opening the Site

We have decided that, in the interests of launching a product that meets our quality standards and your concerns, we will delay moving the site out from “Invite Only” by one week to July 28th. This does not mean those currently on the site will get the updates later; far from it. We are working hard to get the Dublin release updates onto the site as they get done, so that we can get our Beta Testers’ feedback.

More details are coming!


  1. Agreed, I think the most sought after feature now is improved communities. History is being lost, and it’s tough to follow threads when they are intermixed with your buy and sell notifications, especially if you have 100’s of them like some of the market makers do.

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