The Road to “Dublin”: Beyond 20,000

Continuing in our series of changes that will come with our “Dublin” release I’d like to talk about expansion. Quite a few people have now hit the 20,000 limit on the number of virtual shares that they can sell and are now wondering, “well, what’s up with that?”

In creating a virtual economy you have to take many things into account. The input and output of virtual currency needs to be managed, and various balances need to be put into place so that the value of the economy is not devalued. Starting with “Dublin,” you may continue to purchase Share Expansions as far as you would like. Yes, it does mean that eventually you could have a person who has sold out at 120,000 virtual shares. We figure that some major influencers could sell out millions of virtual shares.

Each new expansion will give you 5,000 more virtual shares. However, buying expansions beyond 20,000 will come at a price. As the number of outstanding shares increases, the amount of Eaves you earn from the sale of shares will decrease and so will the degree to which your share price can increase from the sale of shares.

There is one more difference to the 20,000+ share expansions. You may purchase them with Eaves as normal, however, for those that are in a rush, we will give you the option of pairing Eaves with an amount of real-world money to get the expansion faster. We believe that it is entirely feasible for people to purchase these with Eaves alone, but we also realize that some will want to rise higher, quicker.

To all the folks who have been waiting patiently for the share expansions, we thank you very much for your patience. We want to make sure that Empire Avenue can continue to expand for many years to come and scale to millions of users around the world. Your input over the last few weeks has been invaluable in helping us make this a better product.

More on “Dublin” to come soon.

(You’re probably wondering when all this is going to be released. Keep checking into the site and keep checking back here. It *will* be this week!)


  1. Argh! This is the week I go on vacation! I’m only going to be able to post status updates and tweets. I won’t be able to look after my EA account in the manner to which I have become accustomed. Ah well, at least when I come back I’ll have a ton of eaves to spend on stuff. Can’t wait to buy eaves with real money. Any idea (that you can say) what the conversion rate might be in the ballpark of?

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