East of Erindale: Fast Movers and Fast Dividends

Fast Movers

A couple of weeks ago we introduced a rule that prevented you from selling more than 100 shares in any given 12-hour period. As of right now, that rule is no longer in force.

We have now introduced the concept of a Fast Moving Stock. If a large number of shares of any individual are purchased or sold in any given time period, we will inform you very clearly on the buy and sell screens that the stock is now facing elevated commissions. Please note: We are tweaking these systems, meaning that the number of shares/trades required, the amount of the commission and the cool-down period for these commissions are under scrutiny and may change.

Fast Dividends

As you know, we introduced changes to how we give out dividends (the eaves you earn from your numerous investments) yesterday. As with the parameters for Fast Movers we are working on refining and tweaking the numbers. We are also considering ways in which to better show you who is going to give you good dividends.

Increasingly, our dividend and earnings payouts will also be based on the soundness of the Empire Avenue economy. We are doing this to ensure that both our economy and site are around for you to enjoy now and for a very long time in the future

As such, while we get things all sorted out, you may see fluctuations in the amount you receive from dividends. What will not change is the relative amounts, as in a person A will always pay more in dividends than person B, as long as A maintains a higher level of activity and influence than B.

More Erindale updates to come small and big. Remember September is the month of Erindale on Empire Avenue!


  1. Good to see the ‘100 sell’ limit being taken out. Freedom to what we want is necessary on EA. Good move.

    Let’s test it out and see what happens to my stock (e)GTS now that its time to sell it. Good time to drop the stock price

    Have fun on EA.

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