East of Erindale: Facebook Pages and Related Improvements

The Olympics. The World Cup. A solar eclipse. The birth of a baby. There are a number of events that warrant feverish anticipation of the masses, but they all pale in comparison to what’s transpired on Empire Avenue today. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally happy to unveil support for Facebook Pages. This is one further step to separating Empire Avenue from those other influence-measurement platforms and allowing businesses, in particular, to measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts. You know, social media is a bit more than Twitter.

The Connections tab on your Profile has received a bit of an overhaul to commemorate the occasion… much prettier, I know. If you’re an admin on a Facebook Page, just click on “Connect” on the Connections tab, and go through the simple process to add your Facebook Page to your Profile.

What Facebook Pages look like

If you already have a Facebook personal profile connected, you’ll notice that we conveniently list the Pages on which you’re an admin. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for us to gather the data necessary to properly value Facebook Page activity, so hook them up as soon as possible. Soon you’ll have Influence Scores for your Facebook Pages, and the number of Likes your Page has, the number of comments and overall activity will contribute to your virtual Share Price on Empire Avenue.

While those of you who are already on the site won’t necessarily notice, we’ll also point out that adding Connections has now been smoothly integrated into the sign-up process. That means it’s now easier for new users to connect their social media accounts, which, in turn, means that you should be able to spot potentially-awesome Influencers more easily via the Recent Arrivals list.

We have a lot more stuff coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


  1. I think it would be really helpful to use these connections the other way as well. If I earn a badge, maybe I want to let people on Twitter know. If I upgrade my Shareholder base, I definitely want to send the message to my other networks. Each popup should have checkboxes next to the networks I want to shout out to, all disabled by default.

    There will be an incentive for the user to share and this sharing will make others more aware of EA.

  2. While you’re at it, the achievements should be renamed badges as this is more common on the other networks. Each badge should be a unique image and you should be able to not only display your latest achievements, but select your favorites to display. If I unlock “The Tom”, I want to show everyone and rub it in their face.

  3. Badges should also be hooked into badge aggregate systems. The first one off the top of my head is http://www.osnapz.com (I’ve even given them permission to auto-spam my twitter account with new badges I get).

    Another place to show your badges is on Facebook as a tab. I have the Foursquare badge tab going and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to add Empire Avenue.

    I’m a sucker for badges and I know a ton of others are as well.

  4. Secret badges should be attainable. Nobody is going to start shouting about Rudiger for no reason. This screams of elitism.

    The secret badges should be displayed (grayed out) on the badges page with varying clues each time you click on them. They are currently invisible and the hardcore badgers have given up.

  5. Chris, thanks for the feedback. First up, just because others call them badges doesn’t mean we will :). We’re gamers, and we feel they should be Achievements! We have other plans for the “Badge” term.

    That said, there’s a TON of work we need to do on Achievements. Sharing them, displaying them better, adding more of them, including more useful descriptions, organizing them better, offering hints for how to get some of them… we’ve been focused on other priorities, but Achievements will soon get some more attention. We promise! 🙂

  6. As for general sharing… yeah, agreed. As the marketing guy, I’ve been harassing Dups and co about this endlessly, and I’m sure they’re sick of hearing it. Again, the only reason it’s not in is because we’ve been on other stuff.

    I guess it’s worth mentioning that our programming team is comprised of a solid three people, two of which have only joined us full-time recently. It’s just one of those things… do we put Facebook Page support in or do we add sharing functions? Or do we have to spend otherwise productive days combating abuse? 🙂

    Anyway… this stuff’s also in the works. Just a matter of time!

  7. Agreed. You have to concentrate on what’s important.. and right now that’s making an experience that’s going to wow people enough to tell their friends. That is where the real virality is at.

    On that note, simplifying the experience would be mighty helpful. Some big players (VCs, Angels, HUGE Social Media influencers) have already come and gone and it’s a shame to watch. The single largest complaint has been the complexity. But markets are complex!

    After the recent market correction someone noted, “All these inactives on the leaderboard now.”

    My only suggestion would be UX changes based on Experience Achievements. You guys will figure it out.

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