East of Erindale: Empire Avenue IPOs on Empire Avenue

The employees of Empire Avenue are finally up for sale. As of today, anyone can purchase shares in Empire Avenue employees. Since May 2010 and until now, employees had been blocked from participating in the site itself. The reason was that we didn’t want to interfere in the markets, and we also realized that in the early days of the site the vast majority of people were invited by the employees and we certainly did not want to dominate the leaderboards.

Now that the site is well on its way to increasing in mass, we’re going to open up employees of Empire Avenue to being purchased and sold. However, there are some caveats.

1. Employee accounts, aside from Rudiger Esquirrel, will only ever have a maximum of 20,000 Shares available.

2. For now, core employees will only be allowed to purchase other employees. Our participation in the markets can sometimes be seen as recommendations, and we don’t want to do that. We’ll leave that to our fine analysts on and off the site!

For those wondering who the employees are who are newly available to be included in your portfolios:

Tom Ohle (e)TOM
Aaron White (e)BIGA
Brad Grier (e)BGRIER
Niall Brown (e)TINMILK
Ray Lambe (e)RJL
Robert Kallir (e)KALLIR
Ric Williams (e)RICEAV
Michael Mannion (e)MIKEM
Nithum Thain (e)NITH
Dups (e)DUPS
Empire Avenue (e)EAV

Rudiger Esquirrel, our fine feathered (minus the feathers) Squirrel Marketing Intern is a very special case. Rudiger will be acting in a special capacity to help newcomers to the site; for now his shares will not be released to the market! But we’ll have more on Rudiger’s roles in the coming weeks!


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