YouTube, Facebook Pages to affect Prices October 13

A very short announcement to the Empire Avenue community: YouTube and Facebook Pages scores/social media involvement will start affecting virtual share prices starting October 13, 2010. Remember we only count your top 5 social media scores. If YouTube and/or Facebook Pages are amongst your top 5 social media scores, you will see them having an effect on your overall virtual share price.


  1. No it won’t affect negatively, since it was zero before if you have something and it is one of your 5 top social media scores it will count, otherwise it will be as if it wasn’t there. All positive or neutral for the most part. There will be the regular fluctuations as per normal for people that this doesn’t affect.

  2. Surprised by how low our scores are for facebook page and youtube – twitter score is 21 – those two are at 2 and 1.

    Both are quite active lots of videos and lots of views.

    How do the ratings for twitter compare to facebook pages and youtube?

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