Get LinkedIn! on Empire Avenue

If you have been playing close attention to your Empire Avenue Connections page you might have noticed that you can now connect your LinkedIn account to Empire Avenue. Lots of people have asked us for this and now it’s here, so please by all means connect your LinkedIn account.

Please note the following:

1. The connection is in Beta and as such no Network Score will be made visible to you for several weeks.

2. As the connection is in Beta it will not factor into your share price until the scores are visible!

3. Due to the API Terms of Service with LinkedIn we cannot store your network updates and those will not be placed into the streams. There is nothing much we can do about this.

We anticipate scores being ready in the next two weeks or so as we tweak the numbers. Obviously getting connected now is to your advantage!

Please report any bugs or issues to support at, through the “Feedback” tab on the site, or through Twitter to @empireave.


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