Look up in the sky, is it a fixed bug, a new feature? No! It’s a Change Log!

At Empire Avenue, we take particular pride in being a Lean Startup. Not just because we no longer feed the developers, but because we believe in the concept of the Lean Startup especially when it comes to releasing updates to Empire Avenue. We iterate and roll out changes and fixes almost every day of every week, and while that’s great, we’re not always great about communicating each of these changes.

Well, I guess we could do a blog post each time, but then, chances are good you’d tune us out. After all, only some of you are interested in the nuts and bolts of what makes us as a company and development team tick.

So we thought we’d add something small so we could communicate with you a bit better as we fix bugs and add, or change, features. You might also be able to help us test and ensure that what we roll out is of a high quality and working as we intend. Also, we really want to prevent disinformation about the bugs we fix and the features we may add, small or big!

The Empire Avenue Change Log is in our Support Area:

We even put in a RSS Feed for you to subscribe to, which means you’ll get the latest changes as they happen, automagically delivered to your favourite RSS reader.

Speaking of Change Logs, we do want to get your Feedback and Feature Requests not just bug reports. To that end, we’ve also created two new “streams” in our Zendesk implementation, one for Feedback and one for Feature Requests. Please send them in, though we may not respond as fast to Feedback or Feature Requests, we do read them and often (as most of the old-timers on Empire Avenue know) act on them!


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