Updated Profile Pages. Make Way for the Future!

Your Empire Avenue profile contains a lot of information about your life on the social web, and we’re constantly looking to streamline the information – and the overall experience on the site – to present all of the important stuff without unnecessary clutter. A little later today we’ll be rolling out some changes to profile pages, and we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of what’s changing. This certainly isn’t the end of improvements to the site design, but we think it’s a step in the right direction!

Who Are You?

We want to make it easier to find out more about a potential investment, so we’ve shifted some info in the “name plate” to present more information about the user. The bio has been moved up, and if you have a personal website URL, this will actually be visible (business accounts always had their website visible)!

It’s Not All About Share Price!

Remember, folks: success on Empire Avenue isn’t all about having the highest Share Price. Sure, it’s nice to see your price climb, but unless you’re constantly going out and meeting new people, or constantly getting more and more engagement from your audience, it’s just not feasible to expect your Share Price to rise forever. Some people might just be less active on other social networks, or maybe they want to focus on playing the market. For those users, increasing Net Wealth may be a more enjoyable pursuit, and as such we’ve made Net Wealth a bit more prominent on profile pages.

Make Way for More Connections

Empire Avenue already supports a rather large number of network connections, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr. It’s just not enough, though. Not even close. We’ve done a little redesign of the Connection Scores to… well… make room for more! We’ll have a lot more news on this front soon, but for now just know that there are more Connections on the way! We’ve also taking this opportunity to remove some clutter by providing access to all of your connected Blogs directly from the applicable Connection Score box/image. Just click on it to see the user’s connected Blogs and their endorsements!

Interact with Status

Will keep this one short: you can now comment on and thumb-up Status Updates!

Other Adjustments

We’ve also redesigned some other elements to reduce visual clutter and present more info, and you can now see how many shares someone owns in you! When you go to your own profile page, Empire Avenue Shout Outs will be the default in the stream, as we heard from so many of you that on your own profile, that was the most important! You can filter your stream as per usual!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the update! Happy investing!


  1. Love the new changes. in particular the direct blog links along side social media, the larger net worth figures and the idea that there are more formal relationships being formed with other social media networks. Keep up the great work – tons of fun (e)smarketing

  2. Looking forward to the new changes! Definitely love the website appearing at the top, expanding for more connections, and being able to see how much someone owns of you right from the profile. Keep up the great work, guys!

  3. Well done!! Lots of work!

    Right off the bat, I love this one => “We’ve also redesigned some other elements to reduce visual clutter and present more info, and you can now see how many shares someone owns in you!”

    Thank you for all you do!


  4. Am I the only one that has a real jacked up interest section where my blogs & rss feeds would usually be located? I have interest with huge fonts where my my feeds should be, and I have a regular interest section right under it.

  5. Thanks for all the work you’ve done. Some comments to improve more.

    1. Why are the connections in two row. Can easily be done in one row.
    2. Interest cloud looks awful to me. Useless information and taking too much space on the page
    3. Shareprice graphic isn’t an improvement. Can’t see the change from day to day. Only when you click for more grapichs you see the real intersting graphic
    4. Why have the connections a different follow than the network activity right under it. Same for the colours. Same for the shou-outs/timeline/stream
    5. Thums up doesn’t work

    May this seems a little bit critical, but just my opinion on some big imporvements, easy to do. Communication is my profession.

    With kind regards Erik

  6. I’m all for improving EA but the interest cloud is SO enormous now. And I find that some people just fill it up with irrelevant interests to get the EA achievement award. So, that clogs it up even more so. I’m not sure how much it really says about most users and I don’t think it warrants so a large portion of the profile page.

    I’m still getting 3 or 4 copies of price notifications so that is preoccupying me more than a change in appearance, attractive though it is. It’ll take me a while to fully appreciate all of the changes you’ve made and how it impacts user interaction.

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on share price obsession. I’m not sure why people want to get so high (over $100, over $200) when unless they spend 24/7 on social media activities or using spamming techniques, their ROI will drop as their price rises and many users seem to live and die by that %. Doesn’t make sense if you think it through.

  7. Very much improved and good looking and the face of it. Aesthetically pleasing even… I just don’t like the new thin trend lines… they look good but I would love to see the return of the dots linked with lines… (e)ZIMADF or Andrew

  8. Love everything but the tag cloud being so ‘in my face’ and the fact that the new connection says xxx blogs while I have 3 and the rest are feeds. Would prefer either the number of actual blogs or it saying ‘feeds’…

  9. They look kinda shiny but I don’t like the change because it kills some key usability:

    Loss of being able to make endorsements from the profile without a click is a real pain.

    Interest cloud is useless and massive

    New status is clunky

    It was easier to see from icons before when there were more standard if someone was still waiting for a connection to complete too.

    Overall I don’t like it. But I could live with it much more if we can get the list of endorsements back (perhaps replace the useless interest cloud with that)

  10. Once I get used the “new-ness” it will be OK. Right now it is harder to use the profile pages because things are not where I am used to looking for them. I’m not going to jump an down and cheer about the new layout, it’s … just … ok.

    But I do have a major complaint about a new addition to the page – the tag-cloud!

    Let’s be short and succinct about this addition:

    !!! IT SUX !!!

    It looks like crap on a site like EA!
    It also seems to delay page loading.
    It is superfluous and redundant!

    Remove the ill-advised cloud and the new profile page will get a thumbs-up from me.
    Cheers! MrBill

  11. @ Liz Pullen: “And I find that some people just fill it up with irrelevant interests to get the EA achievement award. So, that clogs it up even more so.”

    Once upon a time there were 2 lists, one for interests and one for brands. Some updates ago EAv decided to combine them all into one ‘interests’. So it may seem irrelevant to you but I guess a lot of people (including me) never bothered to look at it and made changes.

  12. Now that I’ve figured out where everything’s been moved too, it look pretty good. Only major downside I can see is the Chrome plugin no longer works, so I can see ROI on each person’s profile. It would be nice if EAv put the ROI on each person’s main profile page.

  13. I absolutely LOVE the new “interest cloud” on every profile!

    It adds a great ‘blink’ (aka Malcolm Gladwell) social media feature to the game.

    I’ve already used it 5 times today to connect with people who I may not have connected with before. Why? Because something in their ‘cloud’ jumped out at me, something I was interested in. 🙂

    Thank you EA!!!

  14. Yes….I totally second that!!!
    >>>>Only major downside I can see is the Chrome plugin no longer works, so I can see ROI on each person’s profile. It would be nice if EAv put the ROI on each person’s main profile page.>>>>

  15. RE: Tag Cloud
    EA can go ahead and delete my comment from yesterday.

    The addition of the “List or Cloud” display buttons solves my complaint about the new tag cloud feature. Members can now toggle to the interest display of their choice!

    !!! KUDOS !!! to Empire Avenue for a quick response and an excellent and elegant solution to the cloud tag issue!

    I am still learning the new layout and how to use best.
    Cheers! MrBill (-;

  16. Sorry guys, these are just cosmetic changes. I’d much prefer functional changes. In short, the holiday mode you released earlier just sucks as it doesn’t protect your activity levels on EA. This way you come back and pick up activity again and your activity score still goes down day by day. You should really blank out the holiday period from the activity score calculation. The way it is implemented now really sucks completely!

    Also, instead of all the cosmetic on the website I’d rather prefer to have API 2.0 which you keep postponing….

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