The Trouble With Castles

This public service message is part of our commitment in keeping our loyal users aware of any and all Empire Avenue issues. And tonight we have a very troubling issue to report.

We’ve ran out of stone.

Our supplier of those precious stone blocks, so vital to building our castles, has been unable to enter their quarries for several days (they have some silly excuse about digging too deep and releasing an ancient evil). Our reserve of stone has been steadily depleting. Without stone, as you know, a castle simply can’t be built. We at Empire Avenue have looked at all the possible alternatives. We’ve considered straw castles and wood castles but both have proven structurally unsound in light breezes. An attempt at a glass castle failed sharply. Frankly, we are out of options.

It is with our profound apologies that we must announce that production on new castles will soon cease. Get one while you still can. As of September 5th the drawbridge will close for the final time.

If you already own a castle or don’t really care to own one (after all they are a bit drafty) rest assured that our clever engineers are hard at work designing possible replacements. We are sure an idea of sufficient coolness will surface in the near future.

Oh, and a clarification: If you already own a Castle, it won’t vanish or expire (the stone we did use is really really strong); You’ll continue to receive the benefit.


  1. For us that has the castle.
    Well we still get:
    Earnings: 25,000.00/week
    Net Wealth Increase: 4,000.00/day

    All the time, even though you no longer have it for sale??

    Or will you also be dropping the Earnings & Net Wealth Increase later on?

  2. I had been dithering for a while. I don’t mid spending a few real $ as I figure it helps maintain the site, but $100 seeme d a lot, even if I get 25,000 eaves back each week, well, crikey, do the maths! 25000 eaves is $15 so, in just 2 months you are in profit to the equivalence of $15 a week. No wonder they ran out of stone !!!! So, yup, rushed out and got me a castle made of stone to go with my castle made of sand :-))

  3. I’ve had my eye on that castle for over a month now but $100 is just too much for me to part with for a luxury good. If you discounted more than by $5 I might talk myself into getting it but otherwise, I guess it is something I’ll need to live without. : (

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  5. If you can’t afford an Empire Avenue castle, or already have one, here’s a great opportunity:

    Fine art prints, greeting and note cards, stickers, t-shirts and mugs of castle images from my award-wining travel stock photography collection. Get a mug, t-shirt, cards or a print for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

    Your purchase will help me buy the castle and increase my investments in you.

    As an additional bonus shareholders get a coupon for 10% off direct online print sales.

    Thanks, David

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