Ghosts and Skulls and Vampires, Oh My! It’s Halloween on Empire Avenue.

It’s that spooky time of year when we all turn just a little bit ghoulish (more ghoulish than normal, at least) – Halloween! To celebrate this haunting occasion, we’ve rolled out a special set of Halloween Items and Achievements for a limited time – so get out there and start collecting!

11 New Items
There are 11 fiendish new Items available, from Skeleton Hands to Witch Hats to a Haunted House and beyond. You’ll notice we’ve tweaked how the Net Wealth payout works for this batch — rather than getting a very small amount of Net Wealth each day, you’ll earn a sizeable one-time Reward on Halloween!
[Check out the Shop]

4 New Achievements
There are some fun new Achievements for you to discover. We won’t spoil the excitement of finding them, but let’s say we’ve kept it all fairly straightforward this time around. Get out there and earn those Achievements, along with a big chunk of eaves!
[See your Achievements]

1 New Mission
We’re taking full advantage of our soon-to-launch Shareholder Missions to give you even more chances to earn eaves. Embark on a terrifying journey to a forbidden land where fear reigns! Be sure to invest in the official Empire Avenue account – (e)EAV – and take on the Halloween Mission… if you dare!
[Go to Shareholder Mail/Missions]


  1. Yikes! Spooky! Thanks for keeping it fun!

    Just for clarification on the new Halloween Luxury item payout…

    I’ll use the Spider as an example:

    Cost: 200e
    Reward: Buy this item, and on October 31 you will earn a one-time Net Wealth Increase of 50

    So we spend 200e to get a one time Net Wealth increase of 50e?

    Plus the chance to pick up some extra eaves through these new achievements:

    Ready for Halloween
    Vampire Brood
    Raise the Dead

    Or will we get 50e every Halloween, etc?

    Happy Halloween!

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