Cleaning house!

Ok, last week Rudiger was tasked with checking out the warehouse and cleaning out the last of the Fun Shiny Warm Day Items.

Well, it seems that the energetic squirrel got a little ahead of himself and also grabbed the Back to School and Halloween Luxury Items. He must have thought they were nuts or something.

So, sometime tomorrow, November 1st, the Halloween, Back to School, and Fun Shiny Warm Day Items will be gone.

So if you want them, have perhaps been saving up for them, then now is the time to dig into your savings and get them before they’re seo services gone.

The big upside of all this is that we’ve got a bunch of room in the warehouse for some *new* Luxury Items, which, I’m told, Rudiger (in his shipper/receiver role) is expecting shortly.


  1. I have been maxed in 5000 stocks for over a week now. . I simply can’t buy anyone. I don’t like having to constantly sell connections just to make room for other connections.

    When will the ability be made to either own more individual stocks AND/OR own more shares of an individual stock?

    Starting to get frustrating. I continue to petition and send feedback to Empire Avenue to either increase the pie or increase the maximum number of stocks that can be owned. Increasing pie to 1000 and maximum number of stocks to 10,000 might shut me up….for a little while. =)

  2. Here we are. 8 days later. No new luxury items in the shop. I can’t buy any more stocks since I am maxed in 5000 people. I am maxed in 600 shares in as many people as I can, but there is no more pie available. This is getting to be VERY frustrating.

  3. At this point, I don’t know what I can do. I have submitted feedback tickets. I have posted reactions to blogs like this. I have posted in the unofficial Facebook Groups. I have written directly to various members of the Empire Avenue team. I want to be able to buy more stocks. i want to be able to buy more shares in the stocks that I already own. I want to be able to buy more luxury items. I just wish Empire Avenue would: #1. Increase the Maximum Number of Stocks one can hold up to 10,000. #2. Add 4 more Pieces of Pie…700, 800, 900, and 1000 #3. Add More Luxury Items for Purchase on either a Bi-Weekly or Monthly Basis #4. Add a LAST LOGGED INTO EMPIRE AVENUE notation on EA profiles

    • Hey guys, we *know* you’re frustrated, and we’re sorry that we can’t directly address that today, other than acknowledging it.

      We *are* working on things, which you’ll see in the next week or two.

      When you’re dealing with a virtual economy the size of ours, *every* change has to be carefully considered for every type, style, and level of player, over the long term.

      The development team is also aware of your suggestions and considering if / how to make them work.

      And yeah, we’re in a bit of a Luxury item lul right now. Rest assured, more are on the way.

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