Thanks and Congratulations to CrowdTap!

This has been a fantastic month for Empire Avenue as our community managed to get us nominated for the 2011 Mashable Awards. As you might know by now, we didn’t quite make it to the top, but we did monitor the Twitter and Facebook streams and we felt we came close and that is because of you, our most excellent Empire Avenue community.

Congratulations to CrowdTap for winning the Mashable Award in the Up-and-Coming Social Media Service category. Well done, we’re proud to have been nominated along side you and the other great entrants like and Summi.fy

To Our Community: Thank you!
There was huge support from our member community. The Facebook groups, the Twitter-sphere, individual blogs, and Empire Avenue members launching their own Shareholder Missions, all buzzing with exhortations to Vote Daily. We loved the buzz, we loved your involvement!

And then there was Rudiger

Somehow, that squirrel got in front of the camera. Hmmm, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea 😉

Winning the award would have been nice, but what’s even better, is seeing the huge love and community support that grew as we, together, campaigned to win this category.

The energy, effort and enthusiasm shown by the Empire Avenue community shows us that regardless of the outcome, we came away with a prize that is priceless. Over the next while you will see the next version of the Empire Avenue Platform come together and we are creating it for you and with you in mind.

There will be many more opportunities to share your passion about Empire Avenue to the world as we, well, take over the world.

(Oh and this is not the last you’ll hear from Rudiger!)


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  2. meh… The other sites aren’t really my cup of tea., summi.fy don’t help to see through the clutter (which is what I believe a service like that should be), and Crowdtap sounds cool, but isn’t that interesting in execution (But their site is almost flawless). Empire Avenue is more my game, but that isn’t to say it’s the type of game that average normal people go for.

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