Missions – Who Do You Want to Reward a.k.a. Targeting for Dummies

Back in October of 2011, (yes it is 2012 already, I only just came out of my holiday-induced slumber, too!) we launched a new feature on Empire Avenue called “Shareholder Missions.” The early version was linked to Shareholder Mail and needed to be created through our Shareholder Mail feature. On December 18th we moved Missions out of Shareholder Mail and into its own section of the site. This move propelled Missions to one of the highest trafficked sections on the site, and we thank all the Missions creators for helping make Missions a success.

Before we tease you with what is coming within the next week (hopefully before the end of this week), I wanted to quickly talk about why we slowed down on broader access to Missions creation. You ask “WTF is taking you so long?” Well we had a plan to open Missions up over the holiday season; however, we are not happy with the way the current system does not allow Mission creators to clearly know and reward proper completion of a Mission and not just clicking a link. So we slowed it down and have left it at those with a Share Price greater than 70e and a few people who asked us specifically to be let in before the holiday break. So I am sorry, but for those with a Share Price lower than 70e, we are going to make you wait outside the velvet rope just a little longer, please bear with us as we ensure that your experience will be as positive as possible with Missions creation and completion!

We have listened to as much feedback as possible over the last couple of months through Empire Avenue Communities and other social media platforms. As a Mission creator myself I have been frustrated by those who “take the money and run” or “buy 1 share” only to sell it again without thanking me for my generosity, and do not complete the Mission. Aaargh!

The first feature addition will be targeting – the ability to narrow down “who” out of your Shareholders can complete a Mission. All will be revealed within the next week, but we think it adds another dimension to Missions creation, where you are not only targeting to a subset of your current or potential Shareholders but creating more things for those people to do as part of your Mission.

Targeting is not the only feature we are working on, and the ultimate goal for Missions is to be able to give the creator true traceability – the ability to know that when a Mission is created, it will get completed, or the Eaves just won’t be given out. Over the next few weeks these new features will be developed, tested, implemented and released as quickly as humanly possible. We are truly excited about the prospects for Missions as a way to disrupt the way people view online seo companies engagement while having fun on their social networks.

We have also received feedback that Shareholder mail is getting too full with Missions, and therefore making Shareholder mail unusable. So we would love your feedback on the linking of Shareholder mail and Missions, should they be tied together? I personally see it as a great way to promote a Mission, however what are your thoughts?


  1. awesome stuff gents.

    as for the linking of shareholder mail and missions… once missions are opened to everyone doesn’t shareholder mail become redundant for the most part? If people could choose to do missions for whatever amount of eavs they want, be it 5 eavs or 50,000, then there would be no need for shareholder mail really and it could all transition into the mission structure.

    On the flip side… if missions were not posted to the shareholder mail system it seems a lot fewer people would notice and participate in them.

  2. ut-oh! You said the magic word .(Aaargh!)… I’m personally sad to see this in print on the EA blog. / HART

    As a Mission creator myself I have been frustrated by those who “take the money and run” or “buy 1 share” only to sell it again without thanking me for my generosity, and do not complete the Mission. Aaargh!”

  3. I’d like to see missions removed from mail; but at least with mail, one can decern what’s a new misson, because the mail has dates and changes state once read.

    To fix the Mission indication:
    1. Make the missions button indicate when a doable mission is available.
    2. Make the Missions interface clearly show doalble missions (not mostly-expired ones.)
    3. Decope missions from the mail system once Missions can distinguish real active missions from the rest.

  4. Personally I would like to see a separation between shareholder mail and missions. My box is inundated and clogged with both! I have stopped reading the mail because when I open up there is in excess of 100 every day! Who has the time!

    I like that the Missions are all in one designated area on the site and that I can also access Missions from people who I do not hold stocks in…it has opened up alot of great new connections for me.

    I would be more inclined to spend time reading the mail from people who have taken the time to write to their shareholders if it was easier to manage. I think that those who have not been given access to the Missions are losing out if they send out regular mail..it is being drowned by all of the Missions overshadowing them.


  5. I love the new changes – especially to mission. Its frustrating to see someone buy 1 share, not bother to do the mission, then sell the 1 share. Seriously, I would have never thought people would do that. Silly me.

    I, too, no longer look at my mail. It is overwhelming and I just ignore it. I think missions should not be connected to shareholder mail. Or possibly, have a separate inbox for them…

    My 2 cents. Thanks for this awesome community!!


  6. Thanks for the feedback folks, loving it! Invite others in to read and comment as we want to get a balanced view. Jackie – thanks for putting up on Facebook it seems you have support for your comments.


  7. I like the ability to tie missions in with shareholder mail as an option, it allows me to let my current shareholders get the eaves I’m trying to send their way before they’re all scooped up by mission vultures who I haven’t blocked yet. Once targeted missions go live, I may feel differently. 🙂

  8. I don’t think shareholder mail should be tied to missions now that missions have their own space on the site. I used to enjoy reading shareholders mail because it was a nice way to catch up with members, but I’m getting ready to turn them off because it’s just to much noise.

    As for missions themselves….I’ve had to block people in the last few days solely because of my missions, and I never blocked anyone before that. Giving us more control over who gets to do the missions is a step in the right direction.

  9. 1) I still look at shareholder message to find out about Missions that have been issued. Sometimes I get a message before the Mission appears on the list (not sure why that is) so the link helps.

    I think the solution is to just provide a new tab for Mission Shareholder Messages. You have Private Mail (which, for me, never gets used), Shareholder Mail, Mission Mail & Notifications. Separate it out and those who utilize it can check it while those who do not want it filling up their Inbox won’t see it (but I’m betting they will check on it!).

    2) There are certainly flakes and bad players who don’t follow through on Missions. But there are also some bad Missions. I think the key word was used by Louis, “doable”.

    And by “doable”, I don’t just mean that there are still opportunities available. I mean “reasonable”, that the players aren’t asked to jump through hoops for a paltry amount of eaves. Some Mission offerers are generous and fair but that is not always the case. I realize that the player can always refuse to participate but I think respect goes both ways. The more cheap & demanding the Mission, the more likely people will bail and not follow-through. I have no data but that’s just my guess based on what I’m seeing & hearing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how granular this gets in terms of deciding who is eligible. I’ve seen some Shareholder Missions that specified that they were NOT available to current shareholders so be sure to allow for that option as well.

    Thanks for all of the communication this week!

  10. Looking forward to the changes, especially for targetting within the investment base. I look at the missions as a reward, too, and would like to be able to push eaves to them, too.

    As for completing the missions, that would be interesting to know, but the ones I run are pretty self-evident. Yes, some never complete it … but many do, and my social networks have been enriched for it.

  11. I’ve been blocked by people who answered this post simply because ‘difficulty’ they never think of.

    EA should put out a tutorial on how to create a clear and DOABLE mission — consider the different browser, different operating system, and how long it takes to complete the mission.

    For example, for that particular mission I was blocked, because I need to switch browsers, disable add-on, and so on. After I make all the changes possible, the session was expired. So, I need to go back find the id I was looking for – and only find the person has a SHORT TEMPER and blocked me within a shortest possible time I can think of. An advice, you should not release a mission if you do not have PATIENCE.

  12. >>>>>I think the solution is to just provide a new tab for Mission Shareholder Messages. You have Private Mail (which, for me, never gets used), Shareholder Mail, Mission Mail & Notifications. Separate it out and those who utilize it can check it while those who do not want it filling up their Inbox won’t see it (but I’m betting they will check on it!).<<<<<

    That's a really good idea Liz.

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  14. I like having Shareholder Mail to promote Missions. One of the things that clogs up the system is that people will do missions and then FORGET TO ARCHIVE THEM. This really clogs up the system. I have ran several 2000 EAvs missions for first 500 shareholders. After 24 hours…participation in the missions tends to dry up.

    I think that you should be able to specify a time frame for AUTO ARCHIVING of missions. 24 Hours could be the default and a SLIGHTLY longer timeframe could be specified if desired

  15. my 2 cents…

    1. Great ideas – will definitely make missions a bad thing to engage with anymore because of all the restrictions that it will have – might actually drive down engagement! Who wants to keep checking when he/she might almost never fulfill the criteria

    2. shareholder mails should be separate from missions – shareholder mails are for broadcasting to all your shareholders about something generally good – not to tell them that they don’t fit the bill to undertake the mission of the creator. It’s a sick thing to do!

  16. I always believed EA was about fun and engagement – not about making boring rules and regulations and blocking folks out because you’re too freaking controlling.

    just relax – it’s a game – and it’s not even real money – so stop trying to control peoples engagement with rules.

    If you know anything about Singapore, where I’m from, you’ll know it’s a FINE city – simply because there’re tons of rules and fines if the rules are not followed.

    Looks like EA is going that way now.

    • Its also about honesty and respecting others. A lot of people don’t use it just for a game, but to help attract a greater audience to their business website, promote their artwork, and even to raise awareness for cancer treatment. When you cheat, you are cheating against people who may be trying to raise money to fight diseases or help those who are in need. You are cheating small businesses who use EA to help promote their new service, you are cheating mothers who are getting the message out about parenting tips. You are just plain cheating, and its sad. Do you think its right to cheat like that, and disrespect EA members who are genuinely trying to use EA to do these things including raising awareness about good causes? I hope not. If you can’t do a simple mission, then don’t be on EA.

  17. sorry for rambling – missions are an awesome way to market – drive engagement…

    keeping people out by rule-making defeats the very purpose.

    personally I find it quite absurd some mission creators put statements like “make meaningful comments”. what’s meaningful anymore when you’re forced to do it – even before reading what the post is all about!

    guys – get real – it’s a game – keep it that way – make it fun.

  18. Hi as a new member trying to play the game and increase my portfolio of
    shares in others with my only source of income being to do missions I would
    just like to make this comment on your changes… WELL DONE DICKHEAD!!
    Now I am “Ineligible” I know it is new because the last three have cut me out
    so HOW do you expect me and other new users to get any income now???

  19. Excellent developments for missions, they give the mission issuer a better chance to deal with ethical players,,, and yes I have real money and lots of time invested in the “activity”.. or game if that is how you see it. I like to get news updates from others I am investing in or who are investing in me and think the mail should be separate. Perhaps the current green dots could be removed and a separate tab could be set up called “mission notifications”.

    Ric (note to Savio… I’m an Ozaporean (Sing PR wife is from Singapore) …and you know if you don’t like the rules you can just hop across the causeway …or go a bit further north even… for less rules… then again we don’t live there anymore either lol.

  20. in real life, rich get richer, poor get poorer – that’s why brilliant people make games – to give people some escape from real life.

    unfortunately, folks at EA want to suddenly make it like the real world.

    who knows, they might introduce the concept of a recession next… hmmm… 😀

  21. Omar makes a good point: “I think that you should be able to specify a time frame for AUTO ARCHIVING of missions. 24 Hours could be the default and a SLIGHTLY longer timeframe could be specified if desired”

    Futher I would like to choose if I connect a Mission to a Shareholdersmail, like it is now 🙂 and I would like to see a time planning for planning the Mission on a certain date and time

  22. Great work guys! Always look forward to the increasing value you are adding to the platform. Comments and suggestions here are most helpful and plentiful, so I will not add any more of my own.
    Thanks again for all the hard work!

  23. It looks good! I like the changes to the Missions user interface. Today I was able to determine exactly which missions I should view in further detail, just from looking at the buttons on the summary display.

    Thanks for that and also for the other enhancements such as information about the dates missions started and the number of rewards left on each.

    What I can’t verify yet is: Does the Missions button indicate when there are missions in the same way Notifications indicates when there is something new to see? Maybe the Missions button should be up on the top bar with (or inside of) Notifications. Visually we are already looking up there for cues.

  24. It’s kind of lengthy to explain; but having a separate missions-related messages area for shareholders messages is not beneficial and has a lot of downside. It amounts to duplication of effort for mission sponsors, those running missions and for developers and administrators of the program.

    Suppose the actual mission and the shareholder information was not the same; that would cause confusion. Suppose users relied at the messages rather than the missions listing; they’d miss the missions that didn’t have messages until they learned better. Using the messages also gives no easy clue to which missions are already expired.

    Supposed the missions and the messages were the same; that would just be much duplication with no benefit. Duplicate storage, duplicate authoring and duplicate reading, and extra code to run and maintain. Most of this duplication could be factored out programmatically, but why not just avoid it?

    To keep it simple, I suggest having a self-contained missions user interface. Its main button can be outside next to the notifications button, or an item inside Notifications, making it visually more related to shareholder messages it that’s a desired effect.

  25. Please allow us to require that mission participants belong to specific networks, e.g. Flickr, Instagram or twitter etrc.. No point allowing someone who is not on Flickr to claim a Flickr mission payoff.

    The best way to do it would be by checking checkboxes for required connections,

    Also do not to charge for it since it really only prevents people who would be unable to complete the mission from taking the money and running

  26. >> Good point David!

    “Please allow us to require that mission participants belong to specific networks, e.g. Flickr, Instagram or twitter etrc.. No point allowing someone who is not on Flickr to claim a Flickr mission payoff”

  27. Hi EAv

    My vote would be to remove missions completely from shareholder mail – those who want to participate in missions can go to the relevant section and join in – brilliant that you are going to ensure that the mission taker will have to complete the action before being paid – rock-on, well done.

    I love the idea that I may be able to target people to aim missions at – this will be a real winner. In this instance though the mission must surely end up in share-holder mail ?

    Well done on this… Mick

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