Learn about Missions – we have Videos!

Yo Ho! The crew of the Starship EmpireAvenue have been busy behind the scenes recently. Not only did we enhance Missions (with the new Requirement’s feature), but we’ve also been working on a series of videos to help you successfully complete and build your own.

In the Missions Hub, you can find them in the blue box under the Missions tabs.

Which, will take you to YouTube and to this video — Enjoy!!

Oh, hang out to the end of the video for a selection of other Mission-related videos.

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  3. The new requirement feature is great!
    Just want to give you some feedback on a potential tweak.
    I got a shareholder email about a mission that I didn’t qualify for and wanted to leave a comment along the lines of “Great mission. Don’t qualify yet, but hope to next time!”.
    In my shareholder email it says, “Give Feedback on this Message and Mission here.”
    But, after clicking on the link and trying to leave a comment, I got an error message. Presumably, I’m not allowed to leave a comment because I don’t qualify for the mission.
    When I start making missions with requirements, I think I would prefer it if anyone could leave feedback regardless of whether they qualify for or do the mission or not.
    Have a great day!

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  5. The changes to empire avenue are not before time, and great to see, but EAVe is becoming more work than it’s worth. The rewards are so few, which I perceive to be a lack of new members, and a drop off of older ones.

    What’s the purpose of this video – a promo to help the choir feel warm and fuzzy, or a sales pitch to the wider social networks?

    A video with suggestions on how to run an effective missions would be appreciated. Longstanding users continue to fall foul of people who run bad missions, and burn relationships as a result.

    I like EAVE, but really assessing my entire social media strategy, which includes missions on EAVE.

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