This week was Awesome!

Back on Wednesday you may have noticed that we released a new batch of Bonuses. Exciting as that may have been, on Thursday we released a set of Dilbert sponsored Bonuses.

And today, as some have already seen, we’ve launched another sponsored upgrade (courtesy of Privé) AND a sponsored Bonus (courtesy Big Train). My brain has exploded.

Remember, if you’re looking to increase the number of Shares you can invest in any one Member, you’ll want to look at the Individual Investment Upgrades.

And if you want to increase the number of Members you hold in your portfolio, you’ll want to check out Portfolio Upgrades.

Whew, what a week! I wonder what’s going to happen *next week* 😉


  1. I really thought you would stagger in the increase in portfolio size (700, 800, then 900, finally 10,000+). Why the huge increase all at once? This hasn’t been the pattern so far. I know very successful investors have been asking for the increase but I’m just surprised that it would leap from 600 to 10,000 overnight.

    Thanks to Big Train for their bonus item…I think almost everyone can benefit from this one. ; )

  2. Brad, any chance you could rerun the Wealth Distribution Bonuses on another week, one that is less busy with other Bonuses?

    And while I don’t mind paying for upgrades, I think it is weird that you are charging players to give away their dividend revenue.

  3. I posted following in Facebook group TEAM ZEN:

    I have a question: Adrian Chan (e)GRAVITY7 has the Dilbert’s Wealth Redistribution. But, I got nothing today.

    Additionally, (e)AJAX1NL only pay 0.75 bonus dividend, that’s un-blievable, considering his regular dividend payout and his shareholder basis. Maybe, there’s something missing here.

  4. Hi Nicolas, I’ll look into that. The Dilbert’s are more complex than others. It could depend on when the Bonus is bought… as the payout is only once a day, it’s possible they’ve not hit the payout period yet.

    But I’ll have the team check into it.

  5. Great. With all missions going on now it’s time for EAv. to stop controlling the completion of mission within some time. Nobody can be on EAv. for 24 hours a day. So you go to AEv, see 35 till 50 mission but the EAv system doesn’t allow you to finish these mission. After a few mission you get that damned message: We have noticed you have completed a lot of Missions quickly today. To prevent abuse of the Missions system we have temporarily placed your account on a Missions cool-down, just for a little bit, to enable you to spend those Eaves you have just generated!!

    Spending eaves doesn’t work too: just spend 400.000 eaves and still get this message.

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