Time to celebrate the Old Timers on the Avenue!

Pre-Launch placeholder image circa: 1980

This week, you may encounter some Empire Avenue members who’re real Empire Avenue pioneers! They’ve been on the Avenue for two years now and have seen quite a few changes!

So, to celebrate, we’re doing a few special things, some now and others in conjunction with South by Southwest (which we’ll reveal later):

Instant Millionaire Jackpot
For the extremely low price of 1(e), you’ll be entered to win a random prize (up to 1,000e) a day, for up to two days. As well you’ll have a chance to win one of two Jackpot Prizes of one million Eaves (1,000,000e). Random Eave prizes will be awarded at Midnight GMT, and the Jackpot Prizes will be awarded (and the winners publicized) on February 27th, 2012.

Eaves Sale!
Until Sunday evening (around Midnight GMT on the 26th), you can buy Eaves for 50% of their normal price.

There you go. Discounted Eaves and an Instant Millionaire Jackpot! Happy two-year-versery you old timers!

And thanks for being vibrant and engaging community members over the last two years — here’s to your continued success!


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