And the winners are…

Last week we celebrated the Empire Avenue members who’ve been working the ‘avenue for the last two years with an Eaves sale and a special Bonus Item that offered the chance to win one of two prizes of 1 million Eaves, in addition to daily prizes.

Today’s the day we award the Instant Millionaire Jackpot prizes — and without further adieu, the winners are:

Congratulations to the lucky winners (yes, go out and buy a few more shares in them!).

But wait, that’s not all! We’ll have more ‘interesting’ things to discuss in the next week or so, in conjunction with our upcoming little visit to SXSW in Austin, TX. Stay tuned…


  1. Cool – congratulations.

    Yeah, Omar user conference – that is definitely a good one. But how about Vancouver or even better San Francisco? I “sponsor” a sail-out on the San Francisco bay for the top 10 whatever on a 40 foot Beneteau πŸ™‚ How about July 20/21/22 ?
    – Introduction
    – The value of social capital
    – The future of EAV
    – some of the highly engaged player share their wisdom
    lunch break
    Breakout sessions moderated by members
    – How to maximize ROI
    – Driving divs
    – Engagement versus money
    … many topics we all could contribute and moderate
    – Surprise
    – Product road map
    – Q+A session
    – Lunch break
    – Breakout sessions by members
    – Marketing team – what should we do to drive adoption
    – Technology team – what should be dome to drive performance
    – Rules team – what should be changed on EAV
    … and so forth
    Grand dinner at the closest crab shop or something crazy
    – sailing on the bay – walk to twin peaks and an ton of other things.

    ha ha ha – here we go – User generated event LOL

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  3. I know this is off topic Brad, but what’s going on with the site???

    For the last 2 days the ‘recommend’ & ‘watch’ buttons haven’t been working.

    And today the icon for the home page is missing, so I can’t get to my home page except by exiting and reentering the site.

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