Missions Update

Well then. Missions have been ticking along quite nicely for a few months now, so it’s time we took some of your comments, feedback and suggestions and put them to work.

First up, you’ll notice that we’ve added new functionality to the Missions creation page. Now, you’ve got the ability to create missions for folks who own a bracket of shares in you, or no shares at all — they’re the only ones who can complete that mission.

For example you may want to generate new traffic for your blog by sending a bunch of people who have never interacted with you before to your most recent blog post.

Or you may want to create a Mission to check out your latest YouTube video — and make it limited to only those members who own between 100 and 300 shares in you.

Or, for that matter, you may want to create a Mission for anyone at all, no share ownership rules at all, you can do that now too!!

As well, we’ve added a couple of filtering buttons at the top of Missions. When you first arrive on the Current Missions page you’ll now land on those Missions which you can complete – they are doable. You can then view which Missions are from people in your portfolio or Missions which are globally available.

And there you have it. Missions are proving to be one of the best ways to drive engagement and activity on your social media networks.

So keep creating Missions — we are at well over 11,000 Missions created. But wait, there’s more (as they say on TV) in the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more functionality to help you find Missions that are relevant to you, watch this space.


  1. For those looking for missions to do, it wold be great to have a filter. Now, often, good missions are hidden by too many unwanted ones appearing first in the listing. We could have a form to select just active missions, over 500e, for twitter or flickr, commenting optional, for instance.

  2. I like the changes. They are a step in the right direction for people creating missions. Louis has actually just posted changes that I would like to see as a person who participates in missions. Thanks for the update!

  3. Louis, while I agree some sort of filter is necessary, some may just pass over those that are 500e to get to the big ones. Then it becomes a bidding up war. Sad for those who can only afford a 500e mission.

    Also if you can see which missions are already gone as you scroll, you can see what you missed, so when they come around again you can watch for them. Both of these I thing create more awareness for missions and the people running them in general.

  4. Thx for the feedback guys – we will add more functionality (like filtering and search) over the coming days as we see Missions as being a very important part of the site going forward.

  5. When setting up a mission can you make it possible to filter by Network Score for a selected Network? This way only certain users, say with Twitter over 50, etc., will qualify for the mission.

    This will allow targeting by expertise and range of network and also ensure that people who take Flickr missions etc, actually have an account

  6. Hi Brad, thanks for the post. Have you guys considered offering the ability to schedule a mission? For example, I schedule blog posts a week ahead, having the ability to schedule missions in line with this would be helpful to me.


  7. Sorry, should have put this on my last post… an option to rate the people whom complete the missions would be good. A simple “recommend” or “great mission completer” or whatever the language is would allow targeting of people whom you know are reliable…. might also help to keep some of the hit and run guys honest.

  8. I love that you are adding filters to missions, but I really wish you would add filtering by location. I really want to target my missions to people who are in my target market, but there is no way to do so now. Enforcing membership in a local community doesn’t work because other people simply join the community in order to complete the mission even though they don’t actually live there…

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  10. Great, and great suggestions by Louis and others. I think a lot more of the 500 missions would be done if folks didn’t have to be so choosy due to time-out limits. If someone can only do 5 then they often will choose the most relevant as well as the best bang for the buck.

  11. There should be a “time limit” filter that someone can choose prior to beginning a mission. A mission should be able to run from 8 hours to 72 hours…That’s it. After the time limit is up. Mission disappears and stops cluttering up the mission stream. People fail to archive their missions. It’s a simple step.

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  13. “There should be a “time limit” filter that someone can choose prior to beginning a mission. A mission should be able to run from 8 hours to 72 hours…That’s it. After the time limit is up. Mission disappears and stops cluttering up the mission stream. People fail to archive their missions. It’s a simple step.”

    I agree with Omar! 🙂

  14. I am such a fan of EA and the results we are getting as we each expand our reach. What are the guidelines of who’s missions show up on the feed? After I create a Mission, it doesn’t show up on any of the tabs. So I was wondering does one have to be at a certain stock price for the Mission to show once it is created? We are targeting women and moms to join EA. The Mom Bloggers Community was created for that very reason. It would be great that there were a tab for maybe Fresh Faces Missions, or something that the newbie after they have waited to be able to qualify to create their Mission that it would actually show up on the feed! Thank you for everything that you are doing and all of your plans to improve the site. It definitely is #SMRocketFuel! LisaL.

  15. Nice changes and I look forward to the enhancements. While I haven’t created any missions; I’ve been studying and working on my plan to do so. I am currently focusing on building up my daily dividends to support strong campaigns.

  16. I know I’m a minority voice, but I find the whole “mission” thing on Empire Avenue to be spammy, artificial, and antisocial rather than social.

    It is social to like something, to subscribe to something, to comment on something, or to retweet or otherwise share something. But it is only social if you mean it.

    In my opinion it is UNsocial to pay someone to like something, to subscribe to something, to comment on something, or to retweet or otherwise share something, just for the eaves.

    I really think it’s a most unfortunate addition to Empire Avenue, and simply enables artificially inflating algorithmic measures of “engagement” and “influence”.

    Which of course brings me to Empire Avenue’s algorithmic measures of “engagement” and “influence”, which it appears to me are easily gamed.

    If social media is to be meaningful, it should be organic, not purchased, and not manipulated.

    I know that a lot of my friends are enjoying Missions, but I just had to get this off my chest. Sorry for being a wet blanket. My mother always said I was a wet blanket. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

  17. Speaking mostly to Ray’s comment about the “mission thing” being antisocial:

    It *does* feel artificial to pay somebody to like your page or retweet or whatever. But there’s a lot of noise on the web (shocking, I know) and I’ll be honest… I have a difficult time keeping up on even a small handful of interesting folks. I’m sure most people active online are the same. Too much content. Not enough time.

    What the missions allow is a way to filter the noise. They are not the only filter out there. But they are an effective filter.

    Additionally I don’t feel the missions are antisocial. Obviously it depends on the type of mission but just asking people to visit my blog creates an awesome social experience. I don’t have a large audience. If I write a blog post I generally get no comments. If I tweet a link to it or draw attention through other social channels I might get 2-3 comments.

    If I send people the page via a mission I can get 30-50 comments. Many of them are simply “That’s neat” kind of comments, but some of them lead to larger conversations or at least are amusing.

    I’m spending my eaves to filter my content to the top of somebody else’s list of things to check out.

  18. Ray – thanks for the feedback! We are still working on improvements to Missions; first and foremost, we want them to be more relevant and interesting to you. Of course, you always have the option to just not go hit that Missions tab… but if you do, we’d much rather you see content and links to things that you’re actually interested in.

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