Buh Bye Buy!

Sharp-eyed members of Empire Avenue will have noticed a minor change today — the lovely green Buy button is gone. Well, the button is still there, but the text now reads, ‘Invest‘. We’ve changed only the text, not the functionality.

Why tell us about it?
It’s a subtle change, but one we feel is important to highlight. The word ‘buy’ never seemed to capture the true sentiment of the action taken by Empire Avenue members when connecting and engaging with other members. You’re not simply ‘buying’ a piece of a member when you press that button.

Rather, you’re starting an engagement process that will, hopefully, benefit both members in ways that transcend simple ownership.

The word ‘invest’ seems a much better description in this context, and I’m going to refer to the Dictionary.com definitions of the words to further illustrate the point.

to acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying or promising to pay an equivalent, especially in money; purchase.

to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

See that? “…offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.” Much more inline with how we think of an engagement transaction.

So yes, a minor change, but one that helps align the spirit of the engagement transaction — your investment in another member — with the spirit of Empire Avenue.

In other words, an investment is a way to say, ‘I value your engagement, your content, your contribution’, or show support, or even thank someone. Invest is a much better word for all of that — at least we think so.

How ’bout you? What do you think of the subtle shift from ‘Buy’ to ‘Invest’? Let us know in the comments!


  1. It’s okay as long as that buttom does the job. What I would really be like * WOW * is all the features fixed & or reintegrated asap : Current Status – Index – Netwealth on other’s people profile – Portfolio browsing fixed ( nothing works ) – Portfolio Search Fixed ( been months it doesn’t work ) can’t search anything at all in our portfolio – Etc etc..

  2. Yep, what Tom said above. We’ve got multiple development and maintenance streams. Just because we release one update, doesn’t mean other things aren’t being worked on or fixed at the same time 🙂 It’s just that this was ready to be released before the others.

  3. AHAA Ha Aha … That’s whats going on…. Lots of familiar things are no longer where they used to be… I can’t locate the INDEX page… Recently Jay Thompson was hired by Zillow and its a big deal… He is now Social Media Guy and Director of Whatever over there… I need to see if he has ranked in the index…

  4. So, now I get sent to a transaction page and when I hit “Invest”, no share buys go through. Where is the pop-up that allows me to buy shares? I haven’t been able to buy anything for the past hour. This is very frustrating.

  5. I like the change and I’m not sure if it’s a browser issue or what, but when I click I’m having trouble investing. Instead of the regular pop up menu appearing. A full white screen with the words are popping up and I can’t invest in people randomly since the change. I wasn’t having any trouble yesterday.

  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. And if you’ve been having issues, especially if you didn’t convert over to the new interface yet, clear your browser cache and cookies, and try again. We’ve updated a bunch of stuff behind the scenes today and your browser may be hanging on to old JavaScript.

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