Nom Nom Nom, More Pie

As promised we now have more Pie Upgrades that will allow you to take the maximum you invest in someone to 800 shares using upgrades. And of course, the current More Dessert and Even More Dessert Bonuses are still active as detailed in our last post, previous Dessert Bonuses you’ve used will now be active even with the new Pie which means you might be able to go to 900 or 1000 shares in someone.

Please do note that to keep the system fair and inline, as with moving from 500 to 600 shares, there is added commission when you buy greater than 600 shares. From 600 to 800 shares the commission is 6% and greater than 800 the commission is 7%.

You can increase the number of shares you can buy in someone by using the upgrades in the Empire Avenue Shop.

What’s your favourite kind of pie? Mine’s Apple Crumble.


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  2. I think a bug came in with this new update….I just bought the 700 share pie and the 800 share pie, I had 4 “desserts” left to buy over my share limit….when I try to buy that extra 100 shares(for a total of 900 shares), I’m told the stock I am trying to buy is only allowed to be bought up to 200 shares, because it is a new stock #netheadslap

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  5. Hey, thanks for adding the customizations for the implications of some of these features to the API as well.

    Is there a time frame for when shoutouts/messaging will make it to the API?

    It would be nice if, when we send a Buy, we could send an optional 140 character message with it. I’d gladly pay 2 or 3 transactions for this feature. It would be nice to send shoutouts in general, but the Buy shoutout would be awesome.

    I find myself having to write some nasty workarounds (even nastier since the frame breaking/referrer script appeared) that would be completely mitigated if I could just hit the API in a more straightforward way.

    Anyway, thanks for the hard work.

  6. These new upgrades make my goals so much easier to accomplish! Already got 7th and 8th upgrades, and will be investing further in the high dividend shares I already own 🙂 (such as e(Pirillo) ). My goal was to get about 100,000e-120,000e~ or more by the time I’m done investing in all possible easy-to-find high-dividend people. Before this update, I was finding it sort of challenging, but it seems to be more doable now. The real plan is to finally begin buying back in all of my shareholders (and I need enough income every day to do that :P). And if starting missions becomes available to me, I’ll simply start handing out free eaves! =)


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