July 27th, On a Boat!

At around 1300GMT Rudiger tripped over a wire and sent one of the market makers into a spin. As a result share prices were changed in excess of what they should have been in response to trading activity. We have re-run the market maker as it would have reacted due to trading activity on those accounts that were affected. If you made trades after 1300GMT we have refunded the difference.
Sorry if we threw your Friday out of whack!


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  2. … nice that emp ave corrected this market-FAKER mistake, but … this is just another occurrence in a long string (almost daily) of errors that adversely affect many shareholders is a prime factor in so many players leaving the game! The EA market-FAKER needs to be eliminated because all it does is cheat players out of the gains they earned through sales of their shares. Clean up your game Dups! and play fair all the time with all the players!!!

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