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UPDATE:  Due to some issues on our end there were a few users who were wrongly charged a commission on some purchases they did earlier today, specifically on user who had purchased the recent bonus.  The issue has been corrected and all those overcharged have been refunded, and to compensate for the inconvenience we have doubled the refund commission so you will have received a refund at double the rate you were charged. This will appear in your transaction history as an entry titled “Refund of innaccurate commission charges …”


Today we will be releasing A Bigger Piece of the Pie #9 to help users with encourage their investors to make them part of that pie we will be adding a new bonus, Quantitative Eaves(ing),to remove commissions for 36 hours after purchase.

Quantitative Eaves(ing)





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  2. Yet once again EA retro-actively put the screws to players who previously bought other upgrades!

    While the new pie level is long awaited, the 10% surcharge on “all purchases over 500 shares” flies in the face of having purchased the previous slices of pie!!!

    EA – get a freakin’ clue and quit cheating your player/members!

    If EA wants to charge a higher commission for new purchases above and beyond previous levels established in the other slices, just the way the commission scale creeps up from 5% to 6% for purchases of 501 to 800, and then to 7% for purchases of 801 to 900 or 1000 when using “more dessert bonus” – it would be fine for the new purchase level to be at the 10% rate but only for shares purchased in the newest level!!!

    Really now … (e)Dupped-Us-All and his gang of Impotent Alley programmers work overtime devising new ways to CHEAT the players!!!

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  4. MrBill101 you are correct that is a typo and the commission is actually 7% not 10% as stated in the bonus details. We are correcting the typo in the bonus text but the commissions are already at 7%. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. I see the “update” about Commission Free refunds. Hope EA got everyone refunded so I don’t get anymore nasty-grams from the folks that bought my shares and got charged. Have posted EA’s update to my profile status.

  6. What are your plans for “more dessert” and “even more dessert” ? If indeed you have removed the chance to raise the limit using shares but kept it for people using $$ you will end up with a two-tier system with rich people able to afford thousands of dollars able to invest and get far more dividends than everyone else.

    My suggestion: reinstate the “more dessert” to raise the limit by 100 using shares, and add two options to raise it by yet another 100 using either shares or cash, so either way you can get to +200 over your pie.

  7. We are looking into the More Pie issue some users are having, we have just disabled it temporarily this morning from the shop while we check on this make any fixes if necessary.

    Anyone who had the more pie will be given extra time and adjustments on use made. If any fixes are required, since this affects the other things we will look at making adjustments to any other bonuses (such as the commission bonus) so no time, eaves or investors are lost for anyone.

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