New Seasonal Bonuses

We have just added a couple of new bonuses to help ease the transition into Fall and towards Winter. For those of you below the equator we haven’t forgotten you, and are quite envious up here in the northern climes, but you can buy them as well and help supply your northern neighbours with some extra dividends.  The first bonus, Seasonal Windfall, will help supply users with smaller portfolios with some extra dividends to help them expand. The second bonus, Turkey Tripping, will give back to your shareholders some dividends during the cold fall months. More details are available in the Empire Avenue Shop

Turkey Tripping - Share some leftovers

25% of your daily Dividend Earnings will be placed in a pool and distributed to your active Shareholders as a Dividend Earnings Bonus

Dividends you earn from others will be increased by 25% for 6 days from purchase. Requirements: Less than 600 Investments in your Portfolio.


  1. Niall, the Turkey Tripping bonus costs $5 for me. Is that the same for everyone?

    Because I don’t qualify for the Seasonal Wind Fall bonus I can’t see the price of that. How much is it? And is it the same for everyone or vary depending on wealth?

    Paul ~~ (e)PDSTEIN

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  3. Niall,

    Quick clarifications:

    * How will my shareholders be notified that they received a percentage of my 25% in daily Dividend Earnings pool?

    * How many times will this bonus be paid out? I see it runs 5 times? If so, for 5 consecutive days? Or once a week for 5 weeks? Or?



  4. So if 25% of dividends are paid out in bonuses does that mean I only receive 75% of my normal investment divs for those days, or is this an additional payout over and above my normal payout to my shareholders that doesn’t effect what I receive in dividend income?

  5. David,

    From my end it looks like we get to keep 75% of our normal investment divs for those days.

    I personally don’t mind sharing 25% of my daily divs, BUT I would like for the shareholders who received the eaves to be notified where they came from 🙂

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