Changes to our Blog!

If you are a frequent visitor to the Empire Avenue Blog, you might notice that the blog has had a bit of a facelift to more closely match itself. It’s been on our list of things to do for a while! We’ve moved over to a hosted service by our friends over at who do such a fantastic job that we thought supporting their efforts and having our blog hosted there was the right thing to do! We’ve even taken advantage of one  of Automattic’s Premium Themes. Don’t forget that you can connect your blog directly through the WordPress API at Empire Avenue.

As part of the changes we’re also removing We’ve moved over the relevant content including the “Apps and Fansites” information which is now housed with this Blog. If you have an App or Fansite that you wish listed, please let us know by way of the form we’ve enabled on the page!


  1. Thanks for the update Dups. I had no idea there even was a“Apps and Fansites” Is that intended for blogs like ?

    Also, two months ago Niall posted, “Going forward we are planning a weekly release of bug fixes, tweaks and general updates.” It doesn’t appear that that has been happening, so has there been a change of plans?

  2. It can absolutely be for blogs such as yours Paul, submit the deets and we’ll get that in. As for weekly updates, we’ve been doing them, lots of changes in our back end to databases and things of that nature which are not that much fun to report on 🙂 When there is substantial changes like new bonuses, new features etc. or this blog upgrade, we try to get it up to the blog as a post. I’m refraining from us “promising” anything for a specific times anymore, better to work and get the changes out as fast as possible then talk about them and improve them with you (our community’s) help!

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