Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from
Empire Avenue

A super quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving folks and thank you so much for being Empire Avenue members. To celebrate and give thanks to all we are taking the Rewards commisions off of Missions for the weekend. So spread the love by investing in more stock, returning the Mission love by doubling the rewards or pocket the difference.

Pie 11 Goes Live

Pie 11Increase your investment in your favorite stocks with Pie 11 and use the savings from your Missions this weekend to get yourself more Pie.

An additional tweak going live today:
Missions – doing 5 quickly has now turned to 6 quickly with a captcha for more.

Watch out for more changes over the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US and expats everywhere.

Safe travels.

Team Empire Avenue


  1. Really cool though not sure it was perfectly thought out for your US players. I spent out everything with missions & buys early this morning; so I had an afternoon evening with family and friends. My reward for careful planning to manage EAv & my family obligations…

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  5. I must applaud you and your team as you continue to bring this cool game forward, the revision to mission limits is a great enhancement…but…

    …as nice as it is to have the ability to purchase more shares in players, I must note my disapproval at the more pie upgrades. Every time you release an upgrade, there is another IPO rush to snatch up the extra 100 shares in the top 5000 (div paying stocks). This is causing some players to sell down their less valuable stocks (non div paying) to free up additional eaves, and greatly reduces investment in new players until the top 5000 are maxed. The new players are the future of this game and should be your #1 priority moving forward.

    Please find a way to diversify portfolios instead of simply growing the top 5k bracket! Increase the 5k div limit please.

  6. EAv Mission Madness. Just realized a new world record completing missions: Earnings (last 24 hours) – Other (Rewards from missions): 1,000,000.00 eaves.

    Did it just to show the Mission Madness at EAV. Of course it was the right moment at Thanksgiving and a period of reward free missions. Have to thank all people who did missions in the last 24 hours.

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