New! Missions Dashboards

As the year draws to a close we wanted to get some new items out to the community.  We have been working on some additional Missions features and decided to release some of the updates to you so you can take advantage of them over the holidays. Today’s releases are for the Mission creators, you now have a new My Dashboard to replace the old “My Missions” page.

The new Missions dashboard will place all your missions in an easier to use table.

The new dashboard displays all your missions along with some additional data and controls all in one single location.


We hope this will help you better manage and create your missions while giving us some flexibility for future changes. The new Dashboard also brings together some of the information to make it easier to see and interact with those users who complete your missions. Give us feedback and let us know how you feel about the new Missions Dashboard and what more you would like to see here!



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  2. Dear Dups thank you for that. I run 10 active missions constantly, and 3 new ones daily. I have been doing this for almost a year, with a budget between 500K and 1M every day 😀 So, 1st question: does “Duplicate” has the same control effect that the previous “ReCreate” option ? meaning that the people who had taken a specific mission won’t be able to take it again ? because this feature was very handy… I’d like to see “date” and “time” added into columns please… because I rotate the same missions at different times on different days in order to reach different people from different time zones… What can you think about as means – apart from us to block missions cheaters – to ensure that missions are completed ? YouTube subscribe and like/dislike works great but what about all the other ones ? This is a big issue because the % of non-completion is high and starting from new entries… I don’t want to “control” this via a tiny community, I wish to use EA awesome power of missions to target your 40,000 players and spread DES awareness to the whole WORLD… Greg’ interview is onto Thank you Dups and all your team and have a fantastic, successful 2013 xxx

  3. I am a Des Daughter ‘groupie’ so am interested in what she has to say. I am new to missions, having only done half a dozen or so until now. I am planning to increase this in the new year and, on the face of it, the new dashboard does look more user-friendly. I echo her best wishes for a happy and successful 2013.

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    • Yup, a lot of it is purely cosmetic. Many people (based on our support requests) didn’t seem to know you could find out who completed etc., so while cosmetic for some, it may seem like whole new functionality for others. Furthermore, we needed to release a new dashboard as we work on more valuable features. Our feeling right now is that releases will be small in nature, mostly to make sure we don’t create problems in our code-base but also to make sure we respond to our community as we make these small releases towards the end result of major goodness 🙂

  7. Right now I flag mission cheaters, but when will EA allow us to block repeated cheaters from our missions? From my understanding the “block” button that we find on the cheaters profile page doesn’t necessarily block them from our future missions.

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