Twitter API Update

We have updated our code to use Twitter’s new API v1.1.

Twitter’s v1.0 version of their API has been deprecated and will be retired March 5th 2013. (Here is the announcement from Twitter:

During this required change over we felt it was a good time to go through all of our Twitter implementation and spruce things up! One of the biggest things we noticed was that in several places we were using the term ‘Twitter Friends’ when we were actually displaying data from your ‘Twitter Followers’. Many data points have now had the wording (with sometimes improved functionality) updated to be consistent to how the data was actually being presented, ala your Twitter ‘Followers’. Heck, who is Following you is a very important part of your engagement so now the website descriptions clearly depict the data you were being presented.

Team Empire Avenue


    • Regarding network score and dividend calculations, Twitter has not changed their available information, nor offered anything revolutionary. We thus did not change any algorithms for the calculations.

      I have noticed, however, that for some users we are getting slightly different data. The jury is out if this data is ‘better’, but if anything it is due to flaws in the old Twitter endpoints (where sometimes they would hang, return nothing, even return duplicate data – of which there were many reports of problems with the old API, including from myself). But knowing these *issues* our Twitter sync works such that if there was a bad communication/duplicate data/etc during endpoint engagement(s) the next attempt may have filled in the holes, so this different data we are receiving now very likely would have been covered over the course of several days/weeks on the previous API, resulting in the same data all combined.

      And let me answer with a “definite maybe” on the implied question: “will this different data cause any scoring or dividend changes”… I would generally expect for them to stay steady or possibly a slight increase (primarily for users with many many many thousand Friends/Followers), as the new API has seemed to be very reliable from day-to-day and week-to-week as we have been thus far using it. As previously stated, Twitter didn’t really change anything spectacular nor did they talk publicly about any specific issues with their old API that would cause the new API to have ‘better’ data.

      If you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate to share!

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