Announcement: Ending City and Interest Communities

As we move forward with Empire Avenue, we have to make some hard decisions on what parts of the product we want to support. When we created Empire Avenue Communities, part of our reasoning was to allow people to gather together in groups, discover each other based on their interests and locations and participate in a global Empire Avenue Community.

What we have since discovered is that while Personal Communities have thrived (those created by and managed by an individual or few individuals), most of the City and Interest Communities have withered and died from spam, lack of ownership and lack of direction. Increasingly Empire Avenue is about your networks and the value your networks bring to you and others, and while City and Interest Communities worked when we first launched them, they no longer fit in the future we wish to build.

As such, we are announcing the removal of City and Interest Communities as of February 28th 2013.

  • If there are discussions that you were/are involved with in City and Interest Communities, we suggest that you contact others participating in City and Interest Communities and let them know.
  • We will block access to City and Interest Communities and only allow Personal Communities.
  • We will automatically remove you as members of City and Interest Communities.
  • You will no longer be able to target Missions towards City and Interest Communities (such Missions only amounted to a handful every month and their completion rates are far far below our Missions averages). We will instead explore new ways to target Missions separately.

Removing City and Interest Communities will allow us to concentrate our development and community building efforts on Personal Communities which have been created by individuals to support and bring value to their own networks.


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    • Thanks Paul, to answer your questions, I’d like to have us first remove all the “detritus” of features that have accumulated and are no longer necessary.

      I believe the future of communities as to do with exactly that, building a “community” based around the value you create. I’d like to have Empire Avenue help you create the community and that conversation in that community might happen elsewhere as well as on Empire Avenue but we need to bring you value to give to your community and for you to derive from your community. That value has to be something that only we and our reputation based economy can provide. I do not think we can ever compete with Facebook’s technology for conversations! I’d rather compete by giving you things which are unique to us.

      Yes, you are right, we have ideas in place, but really not quite the time to talk about them yet even with community leaders such as yourself. I’d unfortunately be opening my big mouth too early before having things to get concrete feedback on! 🙂

    • My opinion is that it is all the way around…the interest communities have been a great environment for intense debate of people of different points of view to express ideas naturally without moderation specially in politics…I believe that in the political Forum all have been able to create a great library of discussions and posts reflecting the current real debates in our nation…certainly some not used to confrontational debates may have found it a beat too intense but it was real and quite fullfilling and I am myself quite proud of all the challenges of for example my opponents on the various view points…these forums CERTAINLY HAVE NOT BEEN DYING and SPAM? have not seen any since FREQUENCY OF POSTS and DISCUSSIONS is not the same as SPAM …I think segregating the communities by personal where only probably like minded people can just have the pleasure of indulging in their own reality without a challenge actually is detrimental and fully an inadequate representation of the real world which the INTEREST communities have reflected…these INTEREST COMMUNITIES have allowed me to grow individually by way of debating in many different ways

      Life is not a harmony of things but a competition of diverse forces and our culture is heterogeneous not homogeneous…theise INTEREST COMMUNITIES have reflected this reality quite well

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    • Hey Ashley, the official communities could not really be moderated and we don’t have the staff or the resources to keep them active and relevant. We do believe that if a person wants to run a community for their Capital City, they can do that by creating such a group and marketing it to people 🙂

  3. How about allowing the present Interest Forums to be bought by the members with Eaves or Dollars instead of just scratching them??? it is interesting that the people commenting on this issue are ones that hardly ever participate but there are many members that have been quite active on many of the interest forums

  4. As far as activity if you look at the Government and Politics, Busness and Finance, Environment and Nature, News they all have been pretty active I have saved pdf’s of the activity on Government and Politics going back a year and we have been very active…there has never been any need for moderation some conservatives may have been a bit uncomfortable when their opinions are challenged and generally they tend to complain but other than that there has not been any need for moderation whatsoever

    • Hi @mahilena, We have no problems in you continuing a community as your own which I see you have done and I think that is excellent and admirable. What we want to do is have owners for the communities (such as yourself) and then help those communities grow with technology and promotion. We cannot and do not have the resources to continue these communities as “official” communities that no one is looking after.

      I applaud your decision to take on and create that community.


      • Ok, well thank you anyways for responding…please do let me know about the community slots, I do not see anywhere how to increase them I only would like to create possibly 5 more communities but system tells me I already exhausted my slots…while I do not remember creating any communites ever prior to the one I just did…someone mentioned 100 community limit? I am kind of surprised on this..

  5. “If you wish to start a Personal Community which reflects a city or interest, please feel free to do so!” Great, but how?

    The Answer is of course: “Create your community! (If you run out of community creation slots, you can purchase more in the Empire Avenue Shop” Where??????

  6. Hi Dups
    While you are amending the communities, could you also please find a way for us to :

    1. either: be able to leave the personal communities which have been archived [ex: 3175 ARCHIVE: XP8]
    2. or: make sure the archived ones do NOT show onto our dashboard

    in order for us to have a clean community dashboard showing only the active communities that we are using…

    thanks, have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Anything which drives traffic to the community would be appreciated – messages appearing in members daily email updates, or on members home/profile page to say that there is activity in the community…. 🙂

    Cheers John #EAv (e)LOCRIS @LOCRIS |

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