Missions Enhancement: Rerun

I would like to announce a new enhancement to Missions:  You can now ‘rerun’ a Mission that has been previously archived!

This will allow you to add more Rewards to an existing Mission, while retaining all other aspects of it – including who previously completed it, so they cannot complete it again.

You cannot change any other property of a Mission (title, link URL, size of reward, etc) when you rerun it.

Any previously-archived Mission can be rerun.  However a Mission can only be rerun ONCE per day.  An exception to this rule is if the previous run of a Mission saw ALL available Rewards claimed – you will be able to be rerun these Missions immediately.

Once a Mission has been rerun, the details of each instance is available from the Mission Completions details page, allowing you to track the number of Rewards/Completions per individual run of the same Mission.


  1. I like this! But I can’t tell if it’s working right. Usually when I run a mission I have a few completes within half-hour or so, but now that I’ve rerun a couple of missions, they’ve both gone hours with no takers. Hmmm…

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  3. Do I have it right that the mission must have been archived in order to rerun it? I have several missions that are still active but I would like to re-promote, or increase the reward. Do I effectively have to archive them and then rerun them?

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  5. I just learned that Empire Avenue will not let us archive a mission until all the spots have been taken or 15 days after the mission has been posted. Is this a new rule, if my mission spots haven’t all be used up within two days, I just go ahead and call it a night and archive it. Why keep a mission up for longer than 5 days if its not attracting the people needed to complete it.

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