More Missions Enhancements

We have released more enhancements to Missions:

Auto Archiving.  After pouring over all the previous Missions, 99% of all Mission Completions have occurred during the first 13-14 days that a Mission is active.  After this period, the likelihood of a Mission being completely exhausted diminishes to near zero.  To make Missions more relevant and useful for all we will now be automatically archiving Missions at the 15 day mark. Remaining Reward refunds will be issued the same as if you archived it yourself.  You will be able to rerun these Auto Archived Missions with the new Rerun Mission feature – which will get your aging Mission more exposure, higher up in the list!  Also Missions that are completely exhausted will be automatically archived later that day.  Existing Missions will have their expiry time set to 15 days from today.

Retiring YouTube Channel Subscription Missions.  Due to inconsistencies with the YouTube API, and the resulting support requests for YouTube Missions that simply did not work completely as we intended, we have decided to retire the YouTube Channel Subscribe Mission type.  Existing YouTube Channel Subscription Missions will continue to run until they expire as per above.

New Mission Types.  As a way to continue to support YouTube Missions, we have added some new Mission types in replacement for the retired Channel Subscriptions.  These types let you embed YouTube Channels, YouTube Videos, and Twitter Tweets directly into the Mission!  Other than the external content now being embedded within the Mission details, these new Mission types are otherwise identical to normal Web Destination (URL) Missions in how they operate.  Please note, for someone to claim your Mission Reward they will still need to click the “Claim Reward” button above the embedded content.  All three of these new ’embedding’ types feature full 3rd party functionality (YouTube Subscribing/Liking/etc and Twitter Retweet/Follow/etc).


  1. Trying to understand the benefit of these embeds, such as with the Twitter mission. Now that there is a tweet embedded into the mission. Is the benefit that people will be able to see if they’ve already completed a RT or something else that I’m missing?

    • A couple of reasons. 1) so you can see where the links are going. 2) If you ask for something to be done, they can do it right there (and claim as well by clicking the button) 3) We can actually give you more analysis later down the road when we have specific data that we can collate the mission to!

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  3. Thank you for that and for the improvements 🙂 If I may suggest something: right now, if we want to clone or rerun an automatically archived mission of 15 days old, we now “need” to “digg” and look for it (as a specific mission)… we might find it somewhere on page 4… /missions/dashboard/?page=4&sort= (in my case, I have 92 pages of archived missions…)… so: do you think we could sort our mission dashboard layout by “Expiry Date” (becoming clickable ?) – that might help ? thanks

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