Mission Reputation – Feature Preview

Today we are launching a new Mission Reputation feature. Unlike our previous features, we are reserving the right to remove this feature after a week or so as we evaluate and tweak the system, so please do give it a try!

Reputation will be based on a member-to-member rating and correlated with specific Missions.

1. Mission creators can rate their Mission completers from the Mission Dashboard => Completed Details page for any particular Mission

2. Mission completers can rate Mission creators from the Mission View page, immediately after they have completed a Mission

Mission Ratings can be Positive or Negative, and can also include a reason. In the case of a Negative rating a reason will be required. We will be putting in place systems and algorithms to prevent the rating system being used in an abusive manner. If you like a Mission or how someone completed a Mission for you, you should give them a positive rating. While it may not be apparent now, giving someone kudos could mean a lot in the future.

At this time we have no plans to publish nor release any specific Reputation system data to members or through the API.  The data will be used behind the scenes to provide a better experience to all Missions users!

As noted above, we are releasing this in a preview fashion for about 1 week while we evaluate the metrics which are being recorded.  After such time we will evaluate the quality of the data collected and decide to either let it continue, or modify it as necessary.


  1. This is great news. Implementing a rating system will definitely discourage a lot of eav stealers. I also agree that the negative ratings should be submitted with an obligatory explanation, just to make sure nobody is abusing the system. Great idea!

  2. I nearly used it this morning. I was going to rate someone has negative after I asked for a retweet, they claimed it and I couldn’t see it from their listed Twitter account. Instead, about the time they claimed, I saw a retweet from a different, pretty poor, Twitter account filled with EA retweets.

    I didn’t. In the end I re-read your text below the ratings box saying you took negative ratings very seriously. Decided that maybe you intend for the system to be used to for people claiming Eaves without doing the mission. My concern was that the mission was done from a junk account.

  3. I am glad to see you guys are finally trying to address the mission Eavs stealing issue. That was one of my main issues with the mission/Ea and this makes me what to actually use them again….

    Please just let me schedule Missions now. ;D

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