Upcoming Changes: Stock Market Dashboard

In the upcoming week we will be unveiling a new section dedicated to the Stock Market. This will mean that each of the main applications on the service will now have a dedicated home (Stock Market, Missions, Community and Profile). We hope that this will help you view all of your Social Stock Market information in one convenient place and also be a place where new people can be focused on based on our user testing.

We are currently working out what the Dashboard of the Stock Market page will display, and even after we launch it, we want your feedback as to what will go in there finally. We will also be moving the Portfolio and Shareholders tabs as navigation under the Stock Market page and thereby consolidating all the data into logical areas for new people to easily find their way around! These changes are based, not only on where we are going, but the easiest ways we’ve found to explain how Empire Avenue works.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.39.33 PM

These changes will go live within the next week, please stay tuned!

For more information regarding previous changes to Empire Avenue be sure to check out the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community on Empire Avenue.com!


  1. Thank you for asking for feedback guys.

    My feedback is this. Make a small “users committee” of say 5-6 of us who really get Empire Avenue I am thinking Harold Gardner, Paul Steinbrueck, myself, Justin Matthew, Kevin Green and maybe some others and let us advise you how o lay out the site to maximise users` interests. AND develop relationships with businesses who would love to be paying for promotion there is they only knew how.

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