Empire Avenue: What I Have Learned So Far


Hello Empire Avenue community! Nick the Intern here, and I thought today I could share a couple of things I have learned from Empire Avenue so far.

The first thing I learned is that I work with a bunch of very pleasant and helpful people, and this isn’t only regarding the Empire Avenue staff . The community at large on Empire Avenue is a very kind, and supportive one. From conversational comments on blog posts to people helping each other in the Empire Avenue community, it has all been really great to see.

Another thing that I never knew is just how wide a range of activity there is on Empire Avenue. There are businesses, not for profit organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and more! I never know what sort of new or interesting people I’m going to meet when I log on, and it is always exciting when I find a Mission, or a person that I want to invest time (and Eaves) in.

I’m also finding myself participating much more in the Empire Avenue Stock Market. Learning about the variety of people on Empire Avenue is its own reward, but watching my value climb as I am investing and being invested in is quite satisfying as well.

While I have only been here a short while, I feel like I have learned quite a bit about Empire Avenue’s community and systems. What have you learned about Empire Avenue? Is there anything else I should be aware of? Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at nick@empireavenue.com.


  1. Hi Nick.
    I like your post. Using Empire avenue, I learned the ‘how’ of digital conversation. How to engage, how to raise visibility, how members share their interests. You have a few fortune 500 accounts managed by people like yourself but who are constrained by institutionalized thinking. Empire Avenue is an excellent tool for overcoming resistance, fear and for observing those who ‘gets it’ and those who don’t. This year is particularly instructive as the Empire Avenue economic ‘ship’ is turned toward the open waters in cyber space.

    There is much to learn on the platform and much to enjoy as gamification takes on a new persona if you will as a training tool for Sales, Marketing and Finance.

    You have an ideal engagement here as an intern.

    Thanks, Nick for sharing.

  2. Important to keep in mind that it is a worldwide “game” with time zones… It’s helpful to check the site more than once a day and at different times in order to interact and engage with a wider audience 🙂

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