100 Missions for 10,000,000 Eaves!

ImageNick the Intern here, and today there are some exciting things happening on Empire Avenue! What would you do with ten million Eaves? Go on an investing spree? Run some high value missions? Upgrade your account? Hopefully you have some ideas in mind, because Empire Avenue is running a contest, and ten million Eaves is just one component of an even larger first place prize.

Throughout the month of July anybody who completes at least 100 Missions with good karma, while maintaining a positive feedback rating will have a special icon added to their profile. This icon indicates that you have qualified for our random prize draw! The icon will start appearing on Profiles starting July 5th and the draw will occur on August 2nd, 2013!

For more information be sure to check out the contest page here and don’t forget to check out the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.

Until then, keep an eye on the Missions page, and you may have to work a few million Eaves into your investment strategy.


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