New Communities!


Communities are a large part of Empire Avenue, and there are new Communities created everyday! Nick the Intern here, and today I thought I would showcase some of the newer Communities that you may be interested in!


EmpireAvenueRU is a community created for Russian/Ukrainian speaking people on Empire Avenue. If you are looking to interact with more people who speak Russian/Ukrainian this is
definitely one to check out!

Start Up Support Group
The Start Up Support Group is a group dedicated to connecting individuals who are looking to grow their own business. Sharing experiences, and growing a network of people trying to accomplish similar goals is always helpful with these types of endeavors, and this Community looks to speed up that process!

70’s Retro
Do you like the 70’s? Well this is the group for you! From the music, to the general nostalgia felt for this historic decade, it all gets discussed here!

These are just a few Communities, but feel free to hit the Community page and see which Communities you connect with. Share them below, or in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.

Would you like us to highlight your Community? Interesting and fun Community leaders should get in touch with me and we’ll consider your request. Please note, we’d like to highlight small and budding Communities!



    • EAV still didn’t fix this; The Fellowship of the Fantastic. No access to private Community

      This is a private community and you are not a member. If you would like to join, you may send a request to join this community. The Community Admin must approve your request to join!

      So may be i want to join, but what is this community about? First have to join and then i can read what the community is about and after that i can decide to stay or to leave the community.

      Very user unfriendly made by EAv.

  1. Great Nicholas. It’s amazing and i wonder how these communities are created and specially by whom. I created one community a long time ago and when i want to create a new one i get this message: You have created too many communities. You will need to purchase the right to create more private communities!

    LOL: We have currently disabled the ability to buy more Community creations. Please check back later.

  2. I found a new one last week called the 101, an amazing amount of energy there, and got to interact with many people who previously were really just an investment. I know you asked to join Nicholas and were granted membership, did you sense a similar feeling, glad to have you as part of the 101 team

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