Community Highlight!

Greetings Empire Avenue! Nick the Intern here with another Community highlight! Are you looking for some interesting Communities to spend time with while you are on Empire Avenue? Here are a few suggestions I received!

The Fellowship of the Fantastic

Do you wear your nerdiness on your sleeve? Are you sometimes more interested in Middle Earth politics than the politics in Middle America? Have you ever wondered to yourself “exactly what is mythril, and why is it not on the periodic table of elements? If you answered yes to these questions, or were too busy emailing George R.R. Martin telling him to hurry up and write faster, then this may be the Community for you!

The Fellowship of the Fantastic is a Community for or all who to take an interest in fantasy and science fiction – in literature, films, games and more – and who would like to join forces on nerdism, geekdom, extraordinary creativity and fun.

So if you are looking for someone to talk about the latest Game of Thrones episode (or Song of Ice and Fire book if that’s how you prefer your fantastical tragedy) or are looking for a new Dungeons and Dragons group to “roll” with, then this seems to be a great place to connect!

Mission Badgers

Empire Avenue is currently running a contest! You can check out the full details of that here, but in short essentially in order to qualify for the contest you must complete 100 Missions from 100 different profiles while maintaining a positive karma rating through the month of July. Once these prerequisites are complete, a badge signifying contest qualification will appear on your profile. Wouldn’t it be nice to get together with these people, and celebrate your hard work?

Mission Badgers is a Community exclusively for those who have qualified for the contest in order to connect, congratulate, and invest in each other.

The people in this group have all been furiously completing Missions so if you have qualified for the contest and want to celebrate with others while waiting for the draw, this is the place for you!

Do you have a Community that you would like me to highlight? Send me an email at and be sure to check out the Community page, as well as the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!


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  2. Thanks for including Mission Badgers, Nick. I welcome all who have their badges to join us.

    The Fellowship of the Fantastic sounds like a great group as well. I suspect I will learn a few tidbits that will make me appear more culturally relevant to my sons.

    Thanks also for all your work on the site content this summer, Nick.

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