Announcement: The Empire Avenue Mentors Program


I’m happy to announce something that has been a long time in the making. Empire Avenue is about to launch our Empire Avenue Mentors Program. We realize that Empire Avenue offers incredible opportunities to enrich the world through the ability to access the knowledge and networks that our Community has to offer.  For many, getting started on Empire Avenue can be a daunting prospect, and while we can continue to streamline and simplify, ultimately we also realize that what most people need is a guiding hand.

Enter the Mentors.

The Empire Avenue Mentors program will be a specialized group of individuals who will help new (and old) members through Empire Avenue. These Mentors will help each account holder realize the value they seek from their experiences on Empire Avenue, depending on their goals within Social Media and the online world.

Our initial Mentors Program will be created and managed by Empire Avenue. We will be choosing a very small select group of Mentors (from the Community) to build the program and technology around. While we have an idea on how the program is structured and how the compensation for Mentors will work, we will be working very closely with this initial group of people to ensure that this program is a success. Over the next few weeks you will see changes to the service in preparation or rollout for helping people identify and choose Mentors.

If you are interested in being part of the Mentors Program, please e-mail We have such amazing people to choose from in the community that it’s been hard for us to chat with everyone and if we haven’t contacted you yet, it might simply be that we’re just slow! We’re also trying to choose a multi-lingual and global presence among the Mentors. So do you have an interest? Simply email us at the above e-mail and we’ll send you more details on how to apply.

This Mentors Program is the first movement towards creating programs and features for individuals to use their knowledge and networks to create real-world value for themselves. While this particular Mentors program is centered around Empire Avenue, our future really is about taking this social media platform we have created and allowing you to realize value from your networks, your reputation and your knowledge.


  1. Who are the Empire Avenue mentors? Employees of Empire Avenue? Dups? Aren’t you guys busy with regular programming and updates? Or, are you seeking current members of EA to become mentors and compensating them with either real or eaves money? Here’s the thoughts … if you need legal advice – you seek a lawyer, not the judge. If you need accounting or income tax advice you seek an accountant, not IRS/CRA. Shouldn’t EA users seek other EA users as their mentors who are already successful in EA? Great program! Great idea! But – I just think people want to succeed knowing how to use EA to their advantage, not just how to use EA. Mentors? Sounds like “Tech Support” to me. // which is still good. I guess = in better FAQ form.


    • Empire Avenue Mentors will be people in the Empire Avenue Community who can help new Empire Avenue people. I hope that was clear in the Blog Post and by the terms themselves. We will ensure that Mentors have the information they need to make Mentorship make sense. They will not be employees of Empire Avenue. And yes it is for them to be successful with whatever goals they have on Empire Avenue, again, I hope the blog post is clear. Mentors are Mentors not Tech Support. We (the staff) of Empire Avenue provide Tech Support. But initially we (the staff) will choose the first group of Mentors.

      • Thanks for clearing that up … // I didn’t think it was clear in your post at all actually … //

        ” We will be choosing a very small select group of Mentors to build the program and technology around. While we have an idea on how the program is structured and how the compensation for Mentors will work, we will be working very closely with this initial group of people to ensure that this program is a success.”

  2. Dups, maybe its just me, but I find it difficult to know if I’d be interested or not without details as to the cost or benefits. Can you provide any more info about the program? Will there be a cost to the mentees? Compensation to the mentors? Have those figures been determined? Is there a specific program and time commitment for both the mentors and mentees?

    • No, some people are amazing mentors and might be great mentors in helping people get the most out of Empire Avenue when it comes to helping a business for example. I’m sure that a few of them will be high Share Prices as that’s an indicator of a bunch of things. Those interested can e-mail us and go from there.

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  4. I thought your post was completely clear (not sure why ppl are asking questions without reading it first) but my first thought was that something like this should start with a nomination process or in some way voted on by the community?

    I guess it’s difficult to pick it apart without knowing all of the details but I’ve been a part of several ‘MVP’ type programs and it seems that the ones with the greatest community support derived from within the community itself.

    If you’re using an internal nomination/elimination system based on your own criteria, which seems to be the case, I hope that as your group grows that they also contribute to that system.

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  6. Clearly, I don’t have enough knowledge of the plan to say whether this is going to work but I’m just conscious of the fact I’ve received some great help already, including from some of the people here, and hope that whatever happens doesn’t distract from the informal support network that has established already.

    • I couldn’t agree more with that Adrian. It appears that this is more of a formality of what has already been taking place with most of the active EA members. Real human relationships have been formed and I too hope this does not take away from that. People who have already been devoting their time and knowledge may be pushed aside due to this.

  7. Reblogged this on Ade Bold and commented:
    Empire Avenue to launch mentoring program.
    As someone who has already received a lot of help from some of the great folks on ‘the avenue’, I just hope this doesn’t take away from the community spirit that I find there and in the various social media networks.

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  11. I think it is a fantastic idea that will enrich both the mentees and the greater Empire Avenue community as well. I remember my early days on the Avenue: the sense of being completely overwhelmed, confused, frustrated. This program will help alleviate any of the hurdles faced by those new to EA. Yay!!

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  15. I think this is a wonderful Idea! I have vast specialties in veterinary care/medicine & nonprofit operations that would help other organizations! However, my EA skills are new & limited. Would there be an option for someone like me? to learn somethings while teaching others?

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