July Contest Winners!

You have all been eagerly awaiting to see the winners of our July contest, and I am proud to announce them today!

3rd Place: 1 Million Eaves (1,000,000e)

The winner of our 3rd Place prize for the month of July is VICA! Congratulations VICA!

2nd Place: 5 Million Eaves (5,000,000e)

The winner of this month’s 2nd place prize is DOMINOCEAN! Well done!

1st Place: 10 Million Eaves (10,000,000e) USD $100 electronic gift certificate to either iTunes or Amazon.com and 1 Empire Avenue upgrade.

The winner of this month’s grand prize is FMX!

(EDIT: First Place Winner was re-drawn due to the previous winner being part of a group that was contracted to handle some social media actions during July, we apologize for the inconvenience)

Congratulations to all of our winners, and I wish everyone on Empire Avenue luck in our future contests!

We will be in contact with all winners in order to discuss the distribution of the prizes.


  1. So Nick, given the recent conversations about fake and multiple accounts, have you verified the identities of the winners?

    In particular, I’m wondering about (e)GPLUSSING who says her name is “Bree Hoge,” which is the name of a character in Desperate Housewives. She happens supposedly live in Apopka, FL and has the Twitter username @monopolizegplus while Justin Matthew (e)JMHHACKER also lives in Apopka, FL and runs Monopolize Social Media.

    Is Justin still on the EAv payroll? And if so, would that make him/her ineligible for the contest?

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