Play life as game or as reality
each day you reap rewards from what you do
with help from friend’s kind generosity
you can succeed on Empire Avenue.

Do prosper if you like the give and take
accruing white hat marketing technique
and social conscience bitcoined in your stake
to find humanity in life’s boutique.


You can read more of Robert Riley’s blog post here 

This is an entry in  Empire Avenue’s Blog_a_thon which takes place on 25th /29th July

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  4. Awesome. Following Recommended Buy 3000 Shares as I DID
    (y) (y) Thank YOU Robert Riley (e)TRUTHTRANCE ♪ 🙂 Let ♥ Love Win♪ ♥♪♥

    … Appreciate You 🙂 Well Done. #EALeader #empireavenue #FulfillingTheNeed #FulfillingPurpose — (e)GODSENT247 You — (e)GODSPEED

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