Sir Rudiger’s Pay It Forward Mission Mayhem Friday, August 21 – Monday, August 24 #EAvPay4ward

Sir Rudiger Says SQRL

I want YOU to run at least mission one mission for another player. I, Sir Rudiger, plan to run ZILLIONS of missions and encourage you to follow my fine example. Pick a newbie, pick a mentor, pick members of your favorite community… or better yet, pick one of each!

I, Sir Rudiger, want to encourage EVERY PLAYER to compete for fabulous prizes. (You may not have heard, but I, Sir Rudiger, am a very wealthy squirrel and I like to share my golden acorns. Well, it’s not so much that I like to share. It’s that I can’t fit them all in my triple decker treehouse castle, and my butler gets very annoyed about rearranging the pile.)

You can win special prizes for the most creative mission, and many more exciting categories I, Sir Rudiger, will make up as we go along. All mission categories are eligible… except for missions about you. Because this event is your chance to shine the spotlight on your fellow players. You can:

* run invest missions
* direct players to discover your favorite Facebook page (not run by you)
* introduce players to a newbie’s twitter feed
* and much, much, much more. Surprise me with your creativity and I’ll surprise YOU with a big Pay It Forward mission for you.

The more missions you run, the more chances you have to win a random prize from me, Sir Rudiger.

The more missions you do, the more likely that your fellow Empire players will pick you for a fantabulous Pay It Forward mission.

READY…. SET…. GO [when the clock hits midnight in your time zone! Or why wait? I think it is already Friday some places!]

You can join the forum and fun here 

And a reminder that the following week Dominique and EAv Gangstas will be organizing their Full Moon event .  Great time to meet new players and connect with people around the web.


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