Sir Rudiger’s Top 10 Reasons to Join the Leaders

$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

Did you join the Empire after April 15th? You missed the deal of the century: The Ultimate Leaders Upgrade. This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to build YOUR social media empire.

I, Sir Rudiger, love a deal. Right now the ULTIMATE LEADERS UPGRADE is on sale.You get over $2,000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. Let’s face it, you probably spend more for one night out than you’ll spend for this entire package of game benefits that will help you every single time you log in.  

Leaders is accepting members for a limited time — so whether you just joined, or missed the last sale, NOW IS THE TIME to give your game a powerful boost.


1) THE COMMUNITY. Sure, you may already be friends with some of the top players and social media leaders who belong to Empire Avenue leaders. Joining leaders BUILDS AND STRENGTHENS those relationships. You can work together on projects, or simply work to support each other around the web.

2) THE NETWORKING. I call it #LEADERPOWER. We all earn double dividends on each other’s stock, so we’re naturally inclined to help every leader succeed. Some say it’s like the early days.

3) LEADER CONNECT. Special threads help leaders find each other all around the web, so they can connect and help each other on every platform.

4) THE MISSION BONUSES. As a leader, you get a bonus on every mission run by another leader – and they get a mission on yours. You know what that means? Yup. Leaders do each other’s missions first. Other communities do the same thing, but leaders include some of the top players in the game.

5) THE DOUBLE DIVIDENDS. If you joined in the past few years, this is reason enough to join. And, if you joined earlier and are sitting on a big pile of golden acorns like I am… well, what happens when the game grows? If you want to keep your lead, double dividends are key. (NEW PLAYERS grow almost twice as fast with double dividends!)

6) PIE, PIE, AND MORE PIE. When you join, you immediately get all the pie up to 4,600. Leaders have been told to expect a 2 pie advantage moving forward. That gives you a big lead on buying top stocks.

7) THE LEADER SHOP. Leaders enjoy sale prices on just about everything during flash sales. That means you get $2,000 in benefits today PLUS you’ll save on every item moving forward. (Just last week eaves were on sale for 5 million for just $15. Snooze you lose.) It’s an incredible opportunity to up your game.

8) EVEN MORE DESSERTS. You’ll get 500 when you join, sometimes get them as gifts, and can always pick them up at a big discount in the Leader Shop. These let you buy a bonus 200 in your favorite player’s stock.

9) MILESTONE REWARDS. Your leader benefits don’t stop when you join. When leaders hit 1,100 members, we ALL get rewarded! Prizes aren’t announced yet… past milestones have included eaves, Even More Desserts, quadruple dividends, portfolio upgrades and more.

10) FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN. Leaders brought you the Summer of Fun, PieFest, Mission Mania, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Secret Santa, Moon Pies, the Build YOUR Empire contests, and much more.

Empire.Kred’s new owners have staff and programmers to do the heavy lifting, but leaders provide feedback and have the opportunity to suggest, organize, or even manage events. Volunteer with fellow leaders to keep the fun going – and forge deeper connections, too.

This takes you to a pre-sale blog, so ignore the deadlines and references to Empire Avenue. The Empire.Kred package is the exact same package they are raving about — and you can buy it right now.

We don’t know how long it will stay on sale, so buy the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade today.  One more reason to buy right now? (e)EKLEADERS and I, Sir Rudiger, are running BIG investment missions for the next 10 players who join.  HURRY!


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  2. I had my doubts about ‘Leader’ because of the no-brainer investment. The doubts are vaporized, the no-brainer is back.

    Much enhanced reputation AND exposure of my SoMe (twitter, LinkedIn) especially outside eek are only some of the valuables . . . for me.

  3. I upgraded my EK account to the Leaders package because I’d been playing for years and figured I’d be playing for many more, so might as well take advantage of the fantastic deal.

    I’m not a social media expert or a marketer, just a garden-variety sci-fan with a blog playing as a daily stress-reliever that has the bonus benefit of letting me use the game’s assets to trumpet about my posts now and again. If you actually do marketing or want to learn about social media, check out the other Leaders’ comments about how it’s helped them!

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