My Whirlwind Festival of Fun, Prizes, Surprises, and More!


Empire.Kred staff,  all the Admin and Event Team Volunteers, and I (Sir Rudiger), keep bringing  new and fun events to celebrate being together as we connect in the community.

This long weekend brings new and fun ways to play every day!!

LOG IN ACHIEVEMENTS = prize entries. From August 27 to September 5, you get an achievement for each daily login.

And then there are the SALES!!!


Portfolio 70% off

Promoted Missions 45%

Leader EMD 50%  (Even More Dessert Packs)

EMD 50% off

New player eaves 65%

Pie 25 – 50% off

Remember — EVERYTHING is going on sale, so swing by often. And buy when you see it… sales are launching at lowest price and will only go up in coming days.

ACHIEVEMENTS & EVENTS: Every day SOMETHING will be happening. Check missions, this thread, or my communitiy for details.

NEW, NEW, NEW: Developers have some new features almost ready to launch from now through the end of September. . I, Sir Rudiger will incorporate features that pass testing this week into this Whirlwind Festival of Fun.

ARE YOU READY? I know I am! Remember, simply logging in daily gets entries for YOU into my amazing contest. I can’t announce the prizes yet just in case I tie them to some of our exciting new features.

You KNOW we love to have a good time together!!

Sir Rudiger – aka SQRL



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