A’hoy Mateys it’s Pirate Days

Talk Like A Pirate will be our first days activities ~ first stop by the store, pick up treasures, scope out your mates and send from your secret stash. (Use Scope because that’s their achievement) then later be watching the mods for gift mission, ConnectUps for the new players and then Sir SQRL to appear with some Pirate Trivia ~

Remember to think and talk like a pirate.

SQRL will ask you questions and you can answer them on your profile. If you can Talk like a Pirate refresh and see what happens!

Don’t forget to be working on your videos which will be tomorrow. The thread will be opened for you to post links and we will see how you Walk Like a Pirate for Day 2.

Enjoy mates, treasures to be planted and to be found!


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