Announcing Triple Pie Event and Eaves Sale

We have a huge PIE and EAVES sale to announce.


But first: due to all the issues with Facebook (which seem to now be resolved but will take a week or more to stabilize dividends again), we are allowing ANYONE to claim a single Free Pie Upgrade. Go to the Main EAHOME page: and on the side bar you should be able to claim your Free Pie (Please Do this First before buying additional Pies as below!)

You will be able to claim a Free Pie till March 7th Midnight (Eastern).


We’ve released, not one, but TWO pies for Leaders (Pie #36 and Pie #37). For everyone we’ve allowed purchase of Pie up to and including Pie #34. Buying a Leaders Upgrade now will give you up to Pie #35 as part of the package.

The Leaders Pies are available in the Leaders Shop:

Pie for everyone is available in the main shop

3. THROWING CUSTARD PIES (not upgrades)

Until March 15 (midnight eastern) You can also “Throw Pies” at each other. Buy 25 Throwing Pies and you go to someone’s profile page and you will be able to Throw a Pie. The recipient will receive 250,000e. PLEASE NOTE, Throwing Pies is NOT giving upgrades, but throwing a pie of eaves at someone’s face!

We have given EVERYONE a single pie to throw.

Throwing pies are not anonymous and you can see a listing by clicking how many pies you have received on the main page ( with the Pies listing!

Pies not thrown by March 15 midnight will be forfeited.


Once a year it seems we do a very big Eaves Sale.

Leaders: $20 will get you 20 million Eaves

Everyone: $30 will get you 20 million Eaves

The Sale is on till March 15, 2015.

Share Price Calculation Changes

Tonight we will be pushing live some changes to the Empire Avenue Share Price calculation. Most people should see no changes overnight. Essentially, for almost all people, social media will no longer affect the share price on a daily basis. The selling and buying of your Shares will drive your share price up, or down.

We’ve created a FAQ on questions you may have about the Empire Avenue Share Price. Please read it carefully.

Question: What is the Empire Avenue Share Price?

The Empire Avenue Share Price is the price of a single “Share” for your Social Media Profile on the Empire Avenue Market. Like the real-world Stock Market, your price is speculative and based on how many people value your Social Media profile. Every time someone buys a single share in you, your share price increases by a small amount. Every time someone sells a single share in you, your share price decreases by a small amount.

The price of each share is valued in our own virtual currency that has no real-world exchange: Eaves.

When you join Empire Avenue your Share Price starts at 10 Eaves. During the first two weeks we measure your social media (followers, connections, friends and activity) and will establish a “Base Share Price”. After two weeks, only Buys and Sells of Shares will affect your Share Price.

Question: What happens during Market Open and Close?

The Empire Avenue Market Closes and Opens on an individual basis once a day. This close and open reflects a new “trading day” and roughly happens around 3-6am Pacific.

Between the Close and Open for each individual (which roughly takes a few minutes per individual) we analyze your recent social media activity and may adjust each of the Network Scores.

Question: Do my Network Scores (e.g. Twitter Score) count in my Share Price?

No. After the first two weeks on Empire Avenue, your Share Price is *only* influenced by Share Buys and Sells by others on the Empire Avenue Market. During the first two weeks, your Share Price may be influenced by your social media but not by your Network Scores.

Question: Will my Share Price increase by being super active on (e.g.) Twitter?

During the first two weeks on Empire Avenue, your Share Price will be affected by your social media activity as Empire Avenue sets a “Base Price” for you. After the two weeks, your Share Price will only be increased by Buys and decreased by Sells of your shares.

Question: What is the Average Dividend Per Share?

Your Shareholders earn Eaves based on the Social Media Activity you generate. This amount is based on your connections, activity and how that activity is shared, retweeted etc. The amount paid per share is called the ‘Dividend per Share”. For example, if Joe pays out 2e per Share on any specific day, and Jane owns 10 shares in Joe, then Jane will receive 20e on that specific day.

To earn more Eaves, you should invest in those that are producing the highest dividends.

In Conclusion

We will be changing all the FAQs and Information throughout the site that mention the social media component of your Share Price over the next few days. We hope that this will accomplish the following goals:

1. Simplicity in explaining and understanding a key metric on Empire Avenue.
2. Easier onboarding for new people.
3. Less weird and unexplained fluctuations that frankly make little sense.

Empire Avenue is having a great June! Thanks to you!

Yes! Empire Avenue is having a great June.

– Signups are up!
– Activity is up!
– Sales and income are also up!
– Conversations in all our communities are now focussed and being ably led by our amazing community.

We took the decision by closing the General Discussion Community to move discussions (other than technical issues) off site into the public domain and the conversations you are ALL having have helped enormously. Be it bouquets or brickbats please keep the conversations going.

So thank you to the admins and leader teams who have worked so tirelessly to add some extra fun and interest to the site and helping us streamline and to how Empire Avenue operates.

We think July will be an even bigger month! We have some major server changes outlined that will involve us moving to better and more streamlined server processes. Since this will involve some downtime (we’re anticipating a couple of hours), we’ll let you know as soon as we can and provide more details.

Leader signups continue to meet expectations and we look forward to welcoming even more leaders to the community. With new milestone goals, the earlier you sign up, the more benefits you get. Share the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade package with your friends — the package combined with the Summer of Fun events will get them off to a strong start on Empire Avenue

You have all done great things for the site and we particularly thank the communities “EAv Gangstas” and “[X]Pendapalooza”.

Please keep up the conversations and once again THANK YOU all for your great efforts…. you are showing the way to success! Remember to enjoy [X]PendaPalooza 15 this coming weekend!

Awesome Affiliates on the Avenue!

One of my favorite things about Empire Avenue is the great community of people. I am impressed daily by the kindness, generosity, and ingenuity I see either through Missions, in our Communities, or the general vibe of support that runs throughout the Empire Avenue.

A recent example of the greatness of our community is Steven L. Johnson, better known as PROFJOHNSON on Empire Avenue. Steven is one of our Empire Avenue Affiliates. The Empire Avenue Referral Program allows Empire Avenue users to share a referral link, and make commission from Empire Avenue sales.


Steven has decided to do something quite awesome with his commission payment! Rather than me tell you about it we thought we would go right to the source and ask Steven about this decision, and Empire Avenue.

Q: How long have you been on Empire Avenue?

A: I joined Empire Avenue in July, 2011.

Q: Tell us a bit about your use of Empire Avenue and the connections you’ve made.

A: I was originally interested in Empire Avenue as a measurement tool for my online presence. I quickly became interested in the gaming aspects of the social stock market. Overall, though, what I’ve most appreciated is developing friendships with people around the world with similar interests in social media and related technology.

Q: What will you be doing with the money you’ve so far gained from the Empire Avenue Affiliate program?

A: In the first month as an Empire Avenue Affiliate I earned $431.73, all of which I donated to the charity Give Directly. Give Directly targets very low-income households in developing countries. They use an innovative mobile phone-linked payment system to direct transfer cash to households in developing countries (currently, Kenya and Uganda). is a top rated charity by It excels in these three criteria: (a) serving the global poor, (b) focused on evidence-backed interventions, and (c) thoroughly vetted and highly transparent.

Q: What advice would you give to those coming on Empire Avenue?

A: What you get out of Empire Avenue is directly related to what you put into it. There’s great potential for networking and learning from others, but that only happens if you put the time into making social connections.

Thank you

Thanks for your time Steven! This is one of the many awesome things happening daily on Empire Avenue! What have you discovered? Be sure to let us know in the comments on in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Going Public!

Next week (between February 17-19, 2014) we will be opening up more of Empire Avenue so that content can be viewed outside without being logged in through search engines or by people without logging into or having an account on Empire Avenue. Of specific note to our current users will be the following:


Mission Creators will get an option to set a Mission as not being visible without being logged in to Empire Avenue. Please note: Missions graded poorly by automated and manual systems will not show up without being logged in even if you choose to make it visible. Read more about how to write a good mission and also examples of how we grade Missions.

Missions created before this release will be defaulted to not being visible without logging into Empire Avenue.

The People’s Market

All items posted in the People’s Market will now be visible without a login and be indexable by search engines (like Google) unless you choose otherwise when posting the item.


We have also changed how profiles appear without being logged into Empire Avenue. Of note: going forward the public profile is either on (default) or off.

Get excited for [X]Pendapalooza 12!

[X]Pendapalooza is back, and whether this is your first, or your twelfth there are plenty of reasons to get excited for it!

[X]Pendapalooza is 24 hour event with a simple goal – buy as many shares in others as you can! You can make new connections, celebrate existing ones, and grow your portfolio!

There will also be lots of [X]Pendapalooza 12 Missions, and no lack of Eaves so be sure to join in on the fun!

[X]Pendapalooza Twelve starts February 15th at 10 a.m. E.S.T. and lasts for 24 hours! Want to participate? Be sure to join the [X]Pendapalooza Twelve Community on Empire Avenue!