New Mission Types!

We have had a very busy month over at Empire Avenue! Between launching Movie Rewards, Mission Scaling, The People’s Market, and a sale we found the time to develop some new Mission types that will make creating and completing Missions even easier!

Investment Missions

Have you ever seen a Mission on Empire Avenue asking you to invest in someone on the Social Stocks? Maybe you have even created your own to help out a friend or colleague! Investment Missions are designed to help make this popular request be more automatic, and simpler to complete.

Multiple variables are taken into account such as the Mission Reward amount, current Share Price as well as the number of shares the Mission Completer currently owns in the Profile that has specified for the Mission. These variables are used to calculate the maximum number of shares that can be bought. The Mission reward is then utilized to invest in the selected Profile and any remaining Eaves are given to the Mission Completer.

If you receive an error, please refresh and try again, it may just be that the transaction queue on a popular person is working too fast even by the time you click the complete button 🙂

Gift Missions

Gift Missions are for the truly generous on Empire Avenue! Gift Missions allow you to give Eaves away to your adoring public without directing them to any outside content. In fact, Gift Missions are given the preset destination of your Profile on Empire Avenue. (just in case anyone wants to learn more about the generous Mission Creator). If your Eaves are burning a hole in your virtual pocket create a Gift Mission and make it rain on Empire Avenue!

Please note, with the arrival of Gift Missions, we will be discouraging the use of “Free Eaves” as a marketing tactic for Missions which actually are a different type. If you are driving people to a Web Page with a “Visit Web Page Mission” we do not consider that “Free Eaves” 🙂

Survey Missions


Survey Missions are a great new way to get insight on your original content, or anything else that you want to start a discussion about! Survey Missions work much like a regular Mission. Choose your Mission rewards, destination, etc. Where a Survey Mission differs from a regular Mission however is in the “Your Question” box, wherein you can put any question about your linked destination! For example you could set the Mission destination to your YouTube page, and ask a question of “Which video did you like the best?”. The Mission completer will see this question pop up on Empire Avenue after being taken to the destination, and the Mission reward will be awarded upon answering the question! It is a great way to get instant feedback on any of your projects!

We hope these new Mission types will help with reaching your goals on Empire Avenue! If you want to discuss these new Mission types with others on Empire Avenue, or have any feedback for us, be sure to leave a comment in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

New Feature: The Old Switcharoo!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.06.28 PMDo you manage multiple brands on Empire Avenue? Tired of logging out, remembering passwords, not to mention the incessant amount of typing?

Suffer no longer! Empire Avenue has implemented a new system to help you manage all of your accounts called Quick Login!

“Well that all sounds great, but how does it work?

To start simply navigate to your Account Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the screen. From here you should see an option titled “Manage Quick Login“.

From here you can add Usernames that you wish to log into from the account that you are currently logged in as. Adding a Username will send a request to the to the added Username which must be accepted before the Username in question is added to your Quick Login page. Once added, as shown above, you can access each account with the Settings menu.

The ability to add accounts to Quick Login can only be accessed with a Silver Premium account or higher, this does not mean however that any accounts added to Quick Login need to be Premium Accounts. Any account can be managed, but only Silver Premium Accounts and higher may do the managing.

We hope that this new feature will help with account management. Are there any other functions you would like to see added? Feel free to leave us a comment in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Announcing The People’s Market!


The launch of the People’s Market brings Empire Avenue one step closer to realizing our original vision. The People’s Market is one way we can help you monetize yourself, your skills and your networks.

The People’s Market closes the loop between social media analysis, social media promotion, advertising and social fun.

Anyone on Empire Avenue can list their creations for sale directly through PayPal, commission free! The price of an item listed in the People’s Market is selected by the seller, and they can choose to sell the item at a USD price or for Vees! Items can be digital prints, physical prints, books, e-books, podcasts, but they could also be your knowledge and your networks: We’ll be allowing consultation services, knowledge transfer and other service type items.

We’ve also enabled the ability for people to hand out Vees as a bonus for purchasing an item, post-purchase! For example you could give the first ten purchasers a certain amount of Vees if they buy your item for $10.

To list items on the People’s Market, we’ll be requiring a Silver Premium Account or higher. With Silver we’ll be allowing you to list 1 item at any given time. With Gold you’ll be able to list up to 3 items, Mercury and Platinum up to 6 items. We’ll also be allowing a one-time $15 purchase to list 1 item on the People’s Market for a month and that will get you 1000V for promotion through Missions or as a bonus as well.

Please note: All items must be approved by Empire Avenue staff.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Empire Avenue People’s Market today!

Want to discuss the People’s Market with others? Join in on the conversation in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

The Mercury Plan: A New Option for Premium Accounts!

We’ve added a new Mercury Plan for Premium Accounts that lands in-between Gold and Platinum and is priced at $249. Many in the community had asked for a plan that was better than Gold but was priced lower than a $499 Platinum plan and we are happy to provide such. You can still have a Platinum account or other high-end plans, but for now, the biggest plan shown on the web site is the Mercury Plan, please contact us at for higher end and enterprise plans.

The Mercury Plan differs from the Platinum and Gold in amount of monthly eaves, dividends one can receive and the “Even More Dessert” uses. The plan should fall comparably half-way between the Gold and Platinum, both in price and value.

Check out the plans here!

Want to discuss this post? Do so in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Missions Dashboard gets an Update!

We’ve unveiled the first step in a series of updates planned for Mission Analytics.

If you run Missions, you will find a few changes and additions to the Missions Dashboard (click the ‘My Dashboard‘) tab in the Missions section. For those Gold and Platinum accounts who had issues bringing up this page, we’ve sped it up.

You will note that each Mission has a “Details” button and the number of “Completed” is now to the very right.Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.15.44 PMClicking through on Details you will find a very different page with some new data points. Some of the data will only be shown to those who have Premium Accounts and some of the data will only be shown to those with Gold, or higher tiered accounts.

Campaign Engagement

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 4.18.59 PMIf you are a Premium Member you will see data like what is pictured to the left. This will give data on how many times your Mission was seen throughout Empire Avenue, how many unique, the number of Visits and also who visited (and potentially who visited but didn’t Complete your Mission)

A couple of new numbers that we want to expand upon in the coming weeks will be the Total Social Impressions in the possibility of how many impressions that your Mission might reach. In addition to this is a more traditional type CPM (Cost Per 1000) based on those Social Impressions.

Please note that while your Mission is running these numbers are only updated every few hours.

Daily and Hourly Traffic

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 4.19.04 PM

You will also be able to view the Daily and Hourly Traffic to your Mission. Please note that Impressions and Visits data on Daily Traffic is only available to Premium subscribers.  Hourly Traffic data is only available to Gold or higher tiered accounts. You can zoom into the graphs and see more details.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.37.36 PM

Other Details

From this main Mission Details page you can see your most recent Completions, click through to Empire Avenue engagement and see other information about the Mission. We’ll be expanding on all these data points over time and providing more data to all accounts and certainly more drill downs for those in the premium tiers so that they can make decisions on timing and targeting Mission campaigns. Let us know what you think and what more you would like to see as we go forward.

Let us know what you think here in the Empire Avenue General Discussion!

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.47.54 PM

Pie 22 Now Available! Premium Account Subscribers Receive Very Special Discount!


A Bigger Piece of the Pie #22 has just been released! This new profile upgrade will allow you to increase the amount of shares that you can own in an individual’s profile to 2,200! You can purchase Pie #22 for $50 in the Empire Avenue Shop! Click here to visit the Empire Avenue Shop and look at your available upgrades!

That isn`t all the exciting news for this little blog post though. For a very limited time Premium Account subscribers are eligible for a discount on not just this pie, but every pie! Discounts range from a 5% discount at the Bronze level, and a 25% discount at the Platinum level!

If you do not currently have a Premium Account be sure to check out your options here, and sure to keep an eye on the Empire Avenue Shop for new profile upgrades, and more!

Thank you to the World’s Greatest Community from the Empire Avenue Team

From all of us here at Empire Avenue:

The Empire Avenue Team is grateful for you, and we want to thank each and every one of you for the support you expressed over the past couple of days. We were elated to see so much love from our Empire Avenue Family. Thank you.

We read all of the comments (on Empire Avenue and beyond) and appreciate the time and energy that you all have put into Empire Avenue and helping us.
We are committed to delivering an excellent product. We are working around the clock to get you the best features and benefits.

We are delighted to introduce some enhancements to Missions that have been in the works for some time.

  • The Missions Create Page has been revamped so that we guide users to create Missions that reflect content and people discovery. The Reward in a Mission is to drive discovery and people should not be forced to give endorsements. Great content creates endorsements! Our Missions FAQ has gone into this in detail in the past, we are simply moving it into the rest of the site!
  • Endorsements/Sponsorship are governed by FTC Guidelines and we have clearly noted, that for any endorsements our users should refer to the specific sites Terms and Conditions and FTC guidelines as it may apply to you. Please note that the FTC Guidelines are in PDF format and you will need a PDF reader (it is not that the link may not work).
  • We have posted a new page with tips on what a “great” Mission is and what constitutes a “poor” Mission. Write great titles, descriptions and get people discovering you; after all Missions are one of the most powerful social advertisements available.
  • We’d like to refer you to our Terms and Conditions. We take “gaming” of the system seriously. Even though we are also in part a “game” that seeks to help you grow your social networking, it should not come at a price where you compromise your ethics. We understand that some aspects are difficult to control, we want to clearly state that the goal of a Mission is content discovery. Our social currencies are a way to reward people for discovering content. Missions are a form of advertising and you want to make sure it is a reflection of you and your brand.

There will be more changes reflecting better Missions and discovery with our focus on the changes we began six months or more ago. We also realize that while we can build and provide the platform, it is the examples that you as a Community provide that are our best way to show what Missions can do!

We thank you again for all of your support. We read your posts diligently and we are always looking for ways to better our product. Some features and benefits may come slowly, but we are committed to giving you the best product possible.

Keep your eyes out, there are quite a few new features launching this week / this month. Many of our new features are launched in beta, so we can deliver things to you quickly. Beta means that no feature is perfect at launch, but we will fix them! Reach out to us anytime.

Thank you for all of your support. We appreciate each and every one of you.

The Empire Avenue Team