Brain Tumor Awareness May 19-24

This month, we’ve determined to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) at the suggestion of their social media Ambassador, our own (e)TUMORWARRIOR.

We will be giving grey ribbons, there will be shop sales including badges, with 20% of the proceeds donated to ABTA, there will be small contests… and there will be a BIG CONTEST!

Brain Facts

Battle of the Influencers for #BTAM

Sign-ups for the Battle are now being accepted in the Grey Matters! event community. This thread is where you enter your ticker to be assigned to a team.

Teams will be assigned Friday, May 19, up to the beginning of the contest at 12 AM Eastern Time, Saturday, May 20.

Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • It will be a team contest. You sign up to play, and you will be assigned to a team. The team chooses its captain and determines how to use its assets.
  • There will be many ways to win points, but the greatest number of points will come from measurable social media activity to promote @theABTA and #BTAM.
  • Material will be provided to help the promotion, but teams are free to create additional material to carry out their missions
  • Final rules will be published in the Grey Matters! Community before the contest begins.

Other event activities will commence at 12 AM Eastern Time, Friday, May 19.

The event and contest will run until 12 AM Eastern Time, Thursday, May 25.

Let’s have a great time doing what us Social Media Influencers do best, and help an incredibly worthy cause in the process! Sign up for the contest, get involved in the activities, and take care of your Shop needs to benefit ABTA and Brain Tumor patients, caregivers and survivors!

Save kittens while you play!

1) Shop the sale! 20% of every purchase on Empire.Kred will go to the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW) to help this all-volunteer group save kittens.
2) Pick a badge to sponsor a kitten.  70% of each kitten/cat badge purchase will go to FFGW during this event.  Pick kitten, cat, or litter badges to help sponsor kittens, or pick a badge to honor your cats.  Let’s fill the nursery up with virtual kitties in order to save REAL kitties.
Empire.Kred Nursery Fundraiser 2017
3) You can also pick a Kitty Angel memorial to honor your cats. You can change the badge name to your cat’s name to create your memorial, or send a PM to (e)OMDIRECT and she’ll add a heart with your cat’s name to your badge. (Please allow up to 3 days for custom art.)
4) Throw kitten jingleballs to give fellow players 100,000 eaves AND help save even more kittens.
April is kitten season… and that means litters of kittens flood into shelters and rescue groups. People think they should take kittens to a shelter, but it is the absolute worst place for them due to the diseases and the constant care babies need. That’s why rescue groups like the Feline Foundation focus on getting Moms and kittens out of shelters (and dumpsters and other at-risk locations) and into foster homes.
Foster parents (like (e)OMDIRECT) then raise the kittens until they are 8-12 weeks old. FFGW then finds homes for the kittens (and Mom) by running adoption fairs and showcasing kittens at their PetSmart adoption center.
Every kitten costs a minimum of $100 in vet and other fees. Healthy mothers cost at least $250 to vet and spay.  That means that an average litter of 4 kittens costs $650 to save.  Of course, not every Mom and kitten is healthy, so extra funds are needed to handle special cases.
PLEASE STOCK UP ON PIE, EAVES, AND ALL THE UPGRADES YOU’LL NEED THIS MONTH.  Remember [X]PendaPalooza is coming soon, so this is great time to stock up.  20% of every dollar spent will go to save kittens.
70% of every FFGW badge will go to save kittens during this event, so check out the new Save Kittens badges supplied by the Feline Foundation.
You can get more information about FFGW at

Throw a water balloon to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew


So many people in the world lack clean water. Haiti is suffering a water crisis now due to Hurricane Matthew. Meanwhile, we can fill balloons with water and play with them… what to do? Let’s fill water balloons and throw them… and send the proceeds to Haitian water relief efforts!

20% of all purchases from October 21-24 will be donated to Water Mission‘s Hurricane Matthew response. They state that 100% of donations will go to Haiti for hurricane relief.

To help sweeten the deal, Empire.Kred will make at least one item available at a super discount every day! Check the shop and watch missions for details.


Leaders: Dividend Doubler at highest discount ever.  (Already bought? You can add and extend your doubled dividend.)

Everyone: Portfolio at 80% off!

You can also help raise awareness by following @water_mission and sharing news and facts about this crisis and the overall worldwide water crisis.



Two More Days to Enter to Win the Full Moon $500 Empire.Kred Shopping Spree


For the first time, you can earn entries into the $500 Empire.Kred shopping spree by throwing moon pies, earning achievements, and shopping the Under the Golden Moon sale during #FullMoonEngageMe.

Unfortunately, we lost our PayPal connection for 3 of the normal 5 days. As many of our players rely on PayPal, we have extended the sale, contest, and Travel Moon pies to give everyone a fair chance.

Good luck to all!



Mark your Calendars for #FullMoonEngageMe October 14-18

travelmoon400x400 This coming weekend we’ll be heads-down in another #FullMoonEngageMe event!

Our first #FullMoonEngageMe event launched in May 2014 ; it’s about networking and having fun. They are always held when the moon is full.

By meeting and connecting with top social media engagers, you may grab a unique opportunity to super charge your social networking – on #EmpireKred and beyond!

We will be back later this week with more details. For now, mark your calendar and pack your bags for #FullMoonEngageMe #TravelMoon — it’s going to be a blast!

Day 2 of World Exploration Nearly Done!

We’re nearing the end of Day 2 of World Exploration Weekend. Do you have both of these achievements for today?

If not, you still have time! Log into Empire.Kred and check out SQRL’s mission(s). You’ll get Kon-Tiki for logging in, and Endeavour for correctly answering any of the questions posed in the 5 active SQRL missions for today!

It’s important to collect these achievements, as after the weekend’s festivities are complete, we will award a special World Explorer achievement, with a boatload of eaves, to every Empire.Kred explorer who receives all of the in-event achievements!

Tomorrow, Day 3, we will have another set of SQRL missions to lead you to another Explorer achievement. On Day 4 we will have two Explorer achievements, one of which will be awarded the same way as on the first 3 days, and the other one which will be, we think, extra EXTRA difficult. It will require some serious research and we don’t think you’ll just be able to ask Google for the answer.

You will need all 5 Explorer achievements, all 4 login achievements, plus the gold coin achievements to qualify for the World Explorer achievement. Remember to keep coming back and working on these!

Presenting Four Days of World Exploration

Get ready for four full days of worldwide exploration!

1475809877_dagamaday1loginThe action starts NOW with a login achievement when you visit Empire.Kred.

Sir Rudiger Equirrel – a well known royal explorer himself – is running missions to help you find today’s hidden achievement.

To get the achievement, you need to enter the right phrase on your profile.

Every few hours, Sir Rudiger will run another mission to give you another chance to get the achievement.  NOTE: Only one achievement, so once you get it the first time, you’ll need to wait for Day 2 for more achievements. (Mission rewards will help soothe you!)


Players are throwing gold coins worth 100,000 eaves each to shareholders and new players.

The more coins you collect, the more eaves you’ll have! If you’re new, be sure to participate VISIBLY.  Comment in the Welcome Wagon. Visit Sir Rudiger’s Fan Club Community. Comment on his missions. Players love to get new players off to a strong start, so make sure they see you and know you are online and playing.

WATCH FOR NEW ACHIEVEMENTS DAILY. Sir Rudiger is often the first to announce new elements of events.

CHECK THE SHOP FOR SALES. Great time to stock up on eaves.