Sir Rudiger’s Cracking The Nut of Knowledge 2 #EmpireAve

Are you ready for a sequel to the Cracking The Nut of Knowledge Extravaganza Event? If you had a nutty ol’ good time last time, get ready for some more fun!

The Wiki Team needs your help to fill the Wiki with a new and improved FAQ section! They have TONS of questions about EA but we need help answering them all since there are so many!

If you want to help, not only will you have the chance to help the Wiki Team grow the Nutty FAQ’s Tree of Knowledge by answering questions that will be featured on the site, you will have the chance to have some fun in some nutty SQRL Games right here in my NutCracker Bar. Even if you don’t want to answer the questions, you can still play the games!

The event will run from 12AM Friday, January 30th, 2015 to 11:59PM Sunday US Eastern time.


**Any Empire Avenue player in good standing can participate in these games and help contribute content to the Wiki.

**More experienced players can get recognition for helping people which can help get more people to stay and play the EA game.

**And most importantly, newer players can get the answers they need to make sense of it all in addition to an opportunity to ask questions of their own!


Everyone will have a chance to get the surprise for each game they play but only the Top 3 people will get investment missions for having for the most answers sponsored by the Wiki Team.


The event will start at 12AM Friday, January 30th, 2015 and end at 11:59PM Sunday, February 1st, 2015 and will take place in this event community:


Empire Avenue Share-a-thon – Pinterest Category Winners

SQRLThese super sharers responded to Sir Rudiger’s call to go the extra mile and create a PINTEREST board for all the blog-a-thon entries. They have each already received a 15 million eave mission for their boards and will also be invited to join the Winner’s Circle community for a bonus 1 million eaves. Join us in congratulating and thanking them all.

Stewart Marshall (e)STEWARTMAR

#EmpireAvenue Blog-A-Thon


#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Charles Carboneau (e)CASHCONNECT

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Robert Riley (e)TRUTHTRANCE

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Wow Sir Rudiger is as happy as a squirrel with a tree full of nuts. Keep an eye out for other category winner announcements over the next day or so.

Celebrating Empire Avenue – EAv-Blogathon

EAv Blogathon 1

Eav Blogathon 2

To everyone who has taken part in the EAv-Blogathon ..

Thank you . it has been a remarkable weekend .

Special thanks to all the 48 bloggers , to everyone who voted for their favorites , to everyone who tweeted , liked on Facebook , created boards on Pinterest – hundreds of people actively promoting the site we love.

The blog site has enjoyed more views this weekend than at any other time since it began ,on Saturday we smashed the previous site views record and on Sunday we DOUBLED the number of views 

Empire Avenue has been promoted globally better than any of us could have imagined.

We have demonstrated how amazing the teamwork and co-operation is .. we can certainly build on this

Empire Avenue has truly benefited

Voting has been extending until midnight Monday , you can vote on the following pages


Poll 1 Why Play Empire Avenue [JOIN]

Poll 2 How To Get Started/Play (HOW)

Poll 3 Small Business or Niche Benefits (BIZ)

Poll 4 Power of Community/Connections (POW)

Poll 5 Humor/Poetry/Graphic (FUN)

Poll 6 Why Join Empire Avenue Leaders (LEAD)



Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event #EAv #FullMoonEngageMe

Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event

Launching a NEW Social Media Event

FullMoon EngageMe EAevent image

Join our NEW social media event taking place at the Full Moon – via EAv – and give a boost to your social networking!

Starting at the next full moon – Wednesday 28th of May – a group of social media enthusiasts will launch a new event called FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event. The FREE event, which is open to anyone, will last until the next Monday (following the full moon day – for the people joining slightly later) and – if proven successful – will take place each month and start at each next full moon day. The goal of this new social media event is simply to meet and interact with active and friendly social media fans in order to grow your social media networks with real people from various backgrounds, cultures, interests and talents.

Super Charge your Social Networking

We all now know the relevance of social media (SoMe)… therefore:

  • what’s the point of creating great content if your “tools” (platforms used to spread your message) are limited?
  • what’s the point of having a large base of followers if they don’t engage and/or help you spread your message a step further?
  • this SoMe event aims to facilitating meeting top engagers, regularly and on a date which is easy to remember 🙂

Here comes Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue (EAv) is a social media platform which can have lots of purposes. You will find many social media “SuperEngagers” and/or producing mind blowing content easily approachable via EAv. As an example, let me show you Reg‘s pictures on Facebook, Kamal‘s SEO posts on Google+, June‘s interests on Twitter, Terri‘s graphics on Instagram and E J Jay presence on Linkedin – all found in a blink of an eye via Empire Avenue…

  • EAv players joining the event will add their link in a special pinpost in the EAv Gangstas community (free open access – 1,835 members).
  • Eligible (more information in a next post) EAv players will be offered to join the FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event community (invitation required) and will receive extra help and support from the community admins.

Initial feedback received

  • Chris Fleury – “I love your idea and am always impressed with your enthusiasm and energy“.
  • Ellen J. Harris – “I like the idea to help people increase their visibility and grow their profile”.
  • Gerrit Bes – “Learning from the history, Full Moon is the best timing to Engage LOL“.
  • Lynn O’Connell – “Full moon is clever and like that it falls midweek to pick things up at a different time“.
  • Sunish Sebastian – “Sounds like a plan … Dom … I think it is a huge goal.”

More information

  • #FullMoonEngageMe SoMe Event – Let’s Connect.
  • #FullMoonEngageMe SoMe Event – The Hosts.
  • #FullMoonEngageMe SoMe Event – The Leaders
  • #FullMoonEngageMe SoMe Event – The Reasons.
  • Please use the comment section to ask any question about the event.
  • See you soon 🙂

Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

[X]PendaPalooza was one of the first (maybe THE first) community-driven events at Empire Avenue. As you probably know, the community has organized 13 of them!  Now that the players have taken the reins, let’s celebrate with an [X]panded [X]traordinary[X]PendaPalooza 14!
[X]Panded  On April 25, 26, and 27 players will converge on the Avenue for a frenzy of buying. Big players run LOTS of missions to give away eaves and shares. New players build wealth by selling shares and doing missions.  Everyone can network and connect at  the [X]PendaPalooza community and at related special events.
[X]traOrdinary  For the first time, the Empire Avenue Leaders Community will co-host the event with the original founding community, [X]Bar.  Omar Habayeb is back to organize the event. EAVLeaders will run special missions, flash contests, and organize fun events throughout the weekend to connect new and[X]perienced players.  Plus, on April 27th, find out if YOU are the lucky winner of 10,000 Vees from the EAVLeaders Early Bird Contest Mission.
That’s not all. Watch for details about special events to help you learn from the leaders in the game. Get tips on rocking[X]PendaPalooza, see how leaders use Empire Avenue to build and measure their social media reach.  Watch the site  for details about special events and start time — and log in right when it starts to grab amazing sales  that will help you make the most of the weekend.
[X]PendaPalooza is all about paying it forward.  Sitting on a pile of eaves? Swing by and join the party (and find new investments) by running investment and gift missions.  New to the game or know someone who should join? [X]PendaPalooza is an amazing way to grow your account quickly and easily.

Get a headstart — join Empire Avenue Leaders before [X]PendaPalooza!

For the first time, Empire Avenue is giving players the opportunity to shape the future of the game and to claim an amazing package of benefits. 5 million eaves, double dividends and mission bonuses from fellow leaders, all the pie you can eat, 500 Even More Desserts, 20 scheduled and 20 promoted missions — over $1,500 in benefits for just $100.  Players shattered the Early Bird goal and claimed even more prizes and ALL players shared in the bounty. (Log in to claim your prize.)
Whether you’re a brand new player, a seasoned pro, or looking to get back onto the leaderboard, the Ultimate Leader’s Upgrade gives you everything you need to supercharge your game. Plus, as a member of the Leaders Community, you can join the enthusiastic and energized players who are pulling together to reinvigorate the game.
Not Ready to Join? The players in the Leaders Community would love your feedback. Take a quick survey to help members better serve you. 

The Ability To Gift The EAV Leader Package Is Now Available!

A new feature has been added to the EAV Leaders Community Shop.

This feature:

  • Is only available in the EAV Leaders Community Shop.
  • Requires that you be an EAV Leader to purchase.
  • Requires you to enter a valid ticker of a member who does not already have the EAV Leaders package.
  • Is only available for purchase through Stripe with a credit card.

If you would like to give this gift to another Empire Avenue member, please check out the EAV Leaders Community Shop.  Look for the icon below.


Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.19.55 PM

Empire Avenue is Spotlighting Profiles! 4/4/2014

Embed from Getty Images

Empire Avenue would like to spotlight and share Profiles of active members whom use Empire Avenue for various reasons. We have so many members to spotlight that we will choose random users over time. This is just a small token of our appreciation.

EAV Profiles under the Spotlight for 4/4/2014!

(e)DESDAUGHTER DES Daughter Network – This profile is committed to, shedding light on a global health scandal, and dedicated to raising DES (Diethylstilbestrol) awareness. Please check out this profile here. (e)DESDAUGHTER has been a member of Empire Avenue since June 2011. We are thankful to have members like (e)DESDAUGHTER who take charge, lead and show others how to use Empire Avenue by being a good example.

(e)PETERHOLLENS – Peter Hollens has been involved with music throughout the Northwest and beyond performing in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Beacon Theater in NYC. If you are interested in more information about Peter check out his profile here . (e)PETERHOLLENS has been a member of Empire Avenue since May 2011. The members love and support Peter Hollens on YouTube as well.

To celebrate these two Spotlight Members Empire Avenue Leaders will run missions for these profiles over the next 24 hours.