New Mission Updates

Contributed by Skip Bieber (e)skip7547      (@skip7547)

Great News!  Missions have been updated and some wonderful new features have been added.   Since no one else posted constructive information on the updates, I thought I’d take a crack at it.    Check back here often as I’ll be updating the blog as more and more features – (documented and undocumented) are discovered 🙂

There are several (six so far) major changes in this update include the additions of Private Missions;  Inverted Mission Awards; Mission restrictions by Join date; Network restrictions and a new missions at a glance toolbar.    Minor updates in this update  includes tighter restrictions on parameters such as Country, network and Interest.  

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the mission comments have been moved down and now appear AFTER the other missions display box.  

The first major change is the addition of Private Missions.  As I understand this feature, this would be a handy way to provide targeted missions for your followers of a particular interest. You will need to manually enter every ticker that you want to allow for each private mission.    When creating a new mission – at the very top – the drop down box is where to select for Private mission.  Note the two warnings – You can not change this value after setting it AND fixed eaves rewards do not work with Private Missions – only scaled rewards will work.


The next box will be where you enter ALL of the tickers that you want to predefine for the private mission (you will have to repeat this for every private mission).  Make sure you enter the tickers EXACTLY as shown! Each ticker has to separated by a comma with no spaces. In the above example, only tickers  SQRL,MILLER,DUPS will be able to complete this private mission.  

Note:  The system will automatically flush out any invalid or ineligible tickers – and most times without telling you there’s an invalid ticker.

Don’t forget… Private missions are SCALED REWARDS only.   

Inverted Mission Awards  Nifty feature that will allow you to invert the scaled awards, so that newer players will get higher mission rewards.  So far, I’ve only used this with EK scores but I’m told it will work with other networks as well.


 (its the dropdown box to the right of Maximum Reward)

Mission restrictions by Join Date Another feature to target newer players.  With this one option box, You can restrict your mission to the newest fresh faces.   The default is calander year 2010.  Remember that the dialog box is year, month and day.


If you specify a join date, then players will see a top banner, such as:


Network/Interest  restrictions   We finally get restrictions!   With this feature we can now restrict by connected networks. I’ve only tested the major networks so far – Twitter, Facebook, Xeeme and Youtube.  As an example, if a player doesn’t have a valid Twitter account connected to their profile, they can’t complete your Twitter mission.   Looks like a great way to cut down on players who hit/run missions. Of course, this option requires that the other players have set their Network/Interests.


Update: the interest/networking bug has been fix.  its now any interested specified.  If you are creating a mission…Remember that you are restricting your mission to that interest – and a player can only have a maximum of six(6) interests specified.

Missions at a glance toolbar New toolbar on includes quick-access buttons to display your own missions; only missions you are eligible to complete.  

The far left “My Missions” button is the default for everyone.  In talking with the programmer, he tells me that the “My Missions” sorting includes:

Promoted Missions
Private Missions sent to me
A and B rated Interest targeted Missions that match interests
“Global” A and B rated Missions
Above assumes doable missions. Targeting someone for a private mission should                         override interest selects.

The ALL Missions button will include
Not from an user you are blocking or is blocking you
Not a private mision
Not an invest
Not a gift
Grade A or B Missions only
( just as a FYI  the two display sorts mentioned here came directly from the source code)

Another new feature, is an option to suppress a mission or all missions from a specific 7player.  When you look on the mission display page, look to the right of the player name.   if you look close, it resembles a small eye with a slash thru it.  When you mouse over it, you will see a message “Hide this Mission/Creator”   (see image at right)

When you click on the “eye”  you will get a pop-up box (see below)  the left (orange) box will hide that mission and the red (right side) button will cause ALL missions from that player to be hidden from your mission display.  

On the very lower left is the option to view/edit all hidden missions.


 You can also see this at

I’m sure there are many more features yet to be discovered, so I will be updating this blog as we uncover more features – both documented and undocumented 🙂   Feel free to leave informative comments/feedback in the comments below or contact me on the EK website.

Update#2  Seems like the mission creation feature has a weird bug (buggette?).  While creating a mission, when you change a option during the creation, the previous selection is not completely cleared out of user memory.   It looks like the JavaScript is not 100% cleaning out the prior selection and accepting the new option.   I’ve already submitted this to the programmers and hopefully they can resolve it.   As a workaround, you’ll have to dump the mission creation in process and restart the creation steps.  


Vees are Vacating! Important Announcement

Starting today, we will begin the transition towards one single virtual currency on Empire Avenue/Empire.Kred. Vees was introduced as a points system for you to exchange towards Amazon and other Gift Cards. As we move towards a simpler and even more global and exciting Empire.Kred, we want to move to a single currency. To that effect we will be retiring Vees.

As an exciting option in phasing out Vees, we are launching a program to donate your Vees towards fighting cancer. For every 150V donated through our Shop page, we will donate $1 to the World Cancer Research Fund. Our goal is to reach $1000 or 150,000V, but if we surpass this goal we will consider donating more!

Donate Vees to Cancer

Between now and August 20th, 2015, you will be able to exchange your Vees to Amazon Gift Cards as usual. After August 20th, 2015, the option to redeem Vees for Gift Cards will no longer be available.

Until August 20th, 2015, you will be able to exchange Vees for Eaves at an awesome rate of 20,000E per 1V (compared to the usual 300E per 1V).

After August 20th, 2015 we will exchange all Vees remaining to Eaves at this same great rate of 20,000E per 1V.


1. Will I ever be able to exchange Eaves for Gift Cards?

We are investigating using one currency for all things including being able to exchange for rewards. However, we have not firmed any plans on how that will happen.

2. I bought Vees in the last two weeks, can I just get my money back?

Yes, we will refund you for any Vees purchases in the past month. You must not have used the Vees that you purchased. Please submit a support request.

3. Can I offer Missions for Vees?

No. From this point onwards there will be no more Missions for Vees. You must convert per the options of Gift Cards, Eaves or Charitable Donation.

4. Can I buy upgrades with Vees?

Yes, you will be able to spend Vees for upgrades in the Empire Store until August 20th, 2015. Vees will not be available as an option after August 20th, 2015.

Get some popcorn! Movie Rewards now available!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.43.29 PM

Time to get some popcorn and settle in for a Vee Movie night!

You can now exchange the Vees you have earned doing Missions on Empire Avenue into Digital Movies rentals and purchases. Please note, due to licensing requirements, like Music, Movies is only available to our users in USA and Canada. The Movies are streamed and hence you must be logged into Empire Avenue to watch the Movies. Rentals are streamed and available for 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.44.18 PM

While we cannot guarantee that the movie streaming will work on every device/PC, you should be able to stream through devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 and iOS7 device using the latest Chrome/Safari/Firefox as your browser.


Missions Dashboard gets an Update!

We’ve unveiled the first step in a series of updates planned for Mission Analytics.

If you run Missions, you will find a few changes and additions to the Missions Dashboard (click the ‘My Dashboard‘) tab in the Missions section. For those Gold and Platinum accounts who had issues bringing up this page, we’ve sped it up.

You will note that each Mission has a “Details” button and the number of “Completed” is now to the very right.Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.15.44 PMClicking through on Details you will find a very different page with some new data points. Some of the data will only be shown to those who have Premium Accounts and some of the data will only be shown to those with Gold, or higher tiered accounts.

Campaign Engagement

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 4.18.59 PMIf you are a Premium Member you will see data like what is pictured to the left. This will give data on how many times your Mission was seen throughout Empire Avenue, how many unique, the number of Visits and also who visited (and potentially who visited but didn’t Complete your Mission)

A couple of new numbers that we want to expand upon in the coming weeks will be the Total Social Impressions in the possibility of how many impressions that your Mission might reach. In addition to this is a more traditional type CPM (Cost Per 1000) based on those Social Impressions.

Please note that while your Mission is running these numbers are only updated every few hours.

Daily and Hourly Traffic

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 4.19.04 PM

You will also be able to view the Daily and Hourly Traffic to your Mission. Please note that Impressions and Visits data on Daily Traffic is only available to Premium subscribers.  Hourly Traffic data is only available to Gold or higher tiered accounts. You can zoom into the graphs and see more details.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.37.36 PM

Other Details

From this main Mission Details page you can see your most recent Completions, click through to Empire Avenue engagement and see other information about the Mission. We’ll be expanding on all these data points over time and providing more data to all accounts and certainly more drill downs for those in the premium tiers so that they can make decisions on timing and targeting Mission campaigns. Let us know what you think and what more you would like to see as we go forward.

Let us know what you think here in the Empire Avenue General Discussion!

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.47.54 PM

Important: LinkedIn Account Permissions Migration

LinkedIn allows us to access your information through tokens provided by them, currently these tokens do not expire. However, LinkedIn has informed us that this will be changing. To avoid issues we will be migrating users to new tokens as part the change required for the new LinkedIn Member Permissions and expiry system.

Although we are not requesting additional access to your LinkedIn account, the process will require you to approve access through the new permissions page provided by LinkedIn.  As usual we take the access you give us to external services such as LinkedIn very seriously and you may find additional information about LinkedIn’s changes here; additional information for developers and migration is also available here for those who are interested.

On Empire Avenue, for all accounts who need to go through this update process,  you will receive the following message at the top of your screen asking you to update your LinkedIn Network access.

If you receive this message please review and update your LinkedIn connection.

If you receive this message please review and update your LinkedIn connection.

Please follow the instructions to update your LinkedIn account access so that there is no interruption to the effects that LinkedIn has on your Dividends, Share Price or your LinkedIn network score. Should you not update your LinkedIn tokens, we may soon loose access to your LinkedIn data (it will disappear from your connected networks) and it will affect your Empire Avenue performance.


The Empire Avenue Team.

UPDATE:  With the migration LinkedIn appears to be having some issues, we have had some reports of users receiving error messages when trying to connect or update their LinkedIn accounts. If you do encounter a strange error from LinkedIn please just wait a few minutes and try again. We have filed a report with LinkedIn (as have a number of other developers.) The current tokens will continue to function, so waiting will not cause any problems. We will continue to monitor this issue and update is necessary.

More Missions Enhancements

We have released more enhancements to Missions:

Auto Archiving.  After pouring over all the previous Missions, 99% of all Mission Completions have occurred during the first 13-14 days that a Mission is active.  After this period, the likelihood of a Mission being completely exhausted diminishes to near zero.  To make Missions more relevant and useful for all we will now be automatically archiving Missions at the 15 day mark. Remaining Reward refunds will be issued the same as if you archived it yourself.  You will be able to rerun these Auto Archived Missions with the new Rerun Mission feature – which will get your aging Mission more exposure, higher up in the list!  Also Missions that are completely exhausted will be automatically archived later that day.  Existing Missions will have their expiry time set to 15 days from today.

Retiring YouTube Channel Subscription Missions.  Due to inconsistencies with the YouTube API, and the resulting support requests for YouTube Missions that simply did not work completely as we intended, we have decided to retire the YouTube Channel Subscribe Mission type.  Existing YouTube Channel Subscription Missions will continue to run until they expire as per above.

New Mission Types.  As a way to continue to support YouTube Missions, we have added some new Mission types in replacement for the retired Channel Subscriptions.  These types let you embed YouTube Channels, YouTube Videos, and Twitter Tweets directly into the Mission!  Other than the external content now being embedded within the Mission details, these new Mission types are otherwise identical to normal Web Destination (URL) Missions in how they operate.  Please note, for someone to claim your Mission Reward they will still need to click the “Claim Reward” button above the embedded content.  All three of these new ’embedding’ types feature full 3rd party functionality (YouTube Subscribing/Liking/etc and Twitter Retweet/Follow/etc).

Missions Enhancement: Rerun

I would like to announce a new enhancement to Missions:  You can now ‘rerun’ a Mission that has been previously archived!

This will allow you to add more Rewards to an existing Mission, while retaining all other aspects of it – including who previously completed it, so they cannot complete it again.

You cannot change any other property of a Mission (title, link URL, size of reward, etc) when you rerun it.

Any previously-archived Mission can be rerun.  However a Mission can only be rerun ONCE per day.  An exception to this rule is if the previous run of a Mission saw ALL available Rewards claimed – you will be able to be rerun these Missions immediately.

Once a Mission has been rerun, the details of each instance is available from the Mission Completions details page, allowing you to track the number of Rewards/Completions per individual run of the same Mission.